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Zoom Slider in PowerPoint: Overview             The Zoom slider in PowerPoint appears in the lower-right corner of the application window. You use the Zoom slider in PowerPoint to change the magnification level of the presentation slides. This does not modify the presentation in any way. Instead, it changes how close or far away the slides

Rename Photos in the Organizer in Photoshop Elements: Overview             You can rename photos in the Organizer in Photoshop Elements. An important part of organizing media files is giving the files names that easily let you find them when needed. You should rename files to give them a unique name that easily shows their content.

CPE Courses Updated for 2017: Overview             CPE Courses updated for 2017 are now available from TeachUcomp, Inc. for online course subscribers. The latest five CPE courses updated for 2017 offer a total of 12 CPE credit hours. These include 3 “Federal Tax Updates” CPE credit hours for and 9 “Federal Taxation” CPE credit hours.

Add a Shared Calendar to Outlook on the Web: Overview             You can add a shared calendar to Outlook on the Web if you receive an invitation from someone else to share their calendar. The easiest way to add a shared calendar to Outlook on the Web is to click the link in the email

How to Recall a Message in Outlook: Overview             You can attempt to recall a message in Outlook. You do this after you send a message to someone and then want to delete it. Alternatively, you can also attempt to delete it and replace it with another message.             You can attempt to recall a

Format Tables in Word: Overview             You can format tables in Word to clarify the data and also enhance the appearance of the information. Word has many pre-created table formats you can apply to your tables. In addition to these table styles, you can also select individual elements of the table and then apply your

Format Data Labels in Excel: Overview             You can format data labels in Excel if you choose to add data labels to a chart. To format data labels in Excel, choose the set of data labels to format. To do this, click the “Format” tab within the “Chart Tools” contextual tab in the Ribbon. Then

Add or Remove Note Space in OneNote: Overview             You can add or remove note space in OneNote. This is used in conjunction with the writing tools to add space between written paragraph notes. You can then add content to the space you create. You can also use it to create space within typed notes,