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TeachUcomp, Inc. is Included in the National Registry of CPE Sponsors             TeachUcomp, Inc. now offers NASBA approved CPE courses. We are a sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. Therefore, all 50 states now accept our NASBA approved CPE courses for CPE credit. This also includes many inhabited U.S.

Warning Signs of Client Identity Theft-Based Tax Fraud: Overview             In this lesson, we’ll look at some warning signs of client identity theft-based tax fraud. Because tax professionals are on the ‘front lines’ of tax administration, practitioners must become adept at recognizing the early warning signs of client identity theft-based tax fraud. It is very

Remove Hidden Data in Acrobat XI: Overview             You can remove hidden data in Acrobat XI Pro. To remove hidden data in Acrobat XI, first open a PDF. Then expand the Protection panel in the Tools pane. Select the “Remove Hidden Information” tool to open the “Remove Hidden Information” panel within the Navigation pane. Acrobat

Create an Invoice in QuickBooks: Overview             When a customer agrees to make a purchase for which payment will be made at a later point in time, you create an invoice in QuickBooks. The invoice lists the customer’s information, along with an itemized list of how much that customer owes for the goods or services

IRS Security Awareness Tax Tip Number 10: Overview             In this lesson, we’ll look at IRS Security Tax Tip Number 10, which was released in January of 2016. Many Security Awareness Tax Tips released by the Internal Revenue Service are aimed at both taxpayers and practitioners. However, IRS Security Awareness Tax Tip Number 10 is

New Taxation CPE Courses – News

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New Taxation CPE Courses: Overview             New taxation CPE courses are now available from TeachUcomp, Inc. for online course subscribers. These two new taxation CPE courses offer a total of 4 CPE credit hours in “Taxation.” These new taxation CPE courses are only available for subscribers of one of our CPE online learning packages. The topics

IRS Fast Track Mediation: Overview Fast Track Mediation: Who Qualifies for Fast Track Mediation?             This lesson examines the IRS fast track mediation services that may be available to a taxpayer during an audit. The Internal Revenue Service offers fast track mediation services to assist taxpayers in resolving many different types

Key Liquidity Ratios: Overview             This lesson will describe the calculations used to perform three key liquidity ratios: the current ratio, the quick ratio, and the cash ratio. The most commonly-calculated liquidity ratio is known as the current ratio. The current ratio measures an organization’s ability to meet short-term obligations. Typically, a current ratio result