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Create a PivotChart in Excel: Overview             When you create a PivotChart in Excel, you can show the data from an associated PivotTable in a graphic format. You can create a PivotChart in Excel along with an associated PivotTable. You can then manipulate the PivotChart data in the same way you

Add Hyperlinks in PowerPoint: Overview             You can add hyperlinks in PowerPoint to selected text so the user can click them to open web pages. You can also add hyperlink in PowerPoint to let users navigate to slides or open external files. To add hyperlinks in PowerPoint to presentation slide text, select the text in

The Journal Folder in Outlook: Overview             You use the Journal folder in Outlook to record multiple types of interactions. The Journal records interactions with important contacts, the times when you create or open documents or Outlook items, and also many other activities.             Starting in Outlook 2013, the Journal folder

Use the Rulers in Publisher: Overview             This lesson will show you how to use the rulers in Publisher. You can use the rulers in Publisher to assist you in making precise measurements and also placing objects into the publication pages. The rulers in a Publisher publication appear at both the top and left sides

Quick Tables in Word- Tutorial

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Quick Tables in Word: Overview             Quick Tables in Word are simply pre-created tables that have been saved into one of the building block galleries. Quick Tables in Word give you easy access to many of the most commonly used table layouts. For example, you can insert a Quick Table into a document to create

Create Input Masks in Access: Overview             You can create input masks in Access to dictate a pattern used for data entry in selected fields. Access provides an easy step-by-step routine called the “Input Mask Wizard” to do this. The “Input Mask Wizard” helps you apply input masks to selected “text” and “date/time” fields.            

Create a Job in QuickBooks: Overview             You can create a job in QuickBooks to track income and expenses for customer projects. You can create a job in QuickBooks for a customer using the “Customers & Jobs” list. To create a job in QuickBooks, open the “Customer Center” window. Then select the name of the

Goal Seek in Excel: Overview             You can use Goal Seek in Excel when you know the result you want a formula to return, but do not know the value needed to create the desired result. Anytime you have a situation where you know the result that you need to obtain, but are unsure of