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Find Transactions in QuickBooks Pro: Overview             To find transactions in QuickBooks Pro at a later point in time, you can use the “Find” feature. To find an invoice, or any other type of transaction, open the associated form for which you want to search. Using the example of finding an invoice, you would open

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Buy QuickBooks Pro 2017 Training from TeachUcomp, Inc.             You can buy QuickBooks Pro 2017 training with our newest tutorial, “Mastering QuickBooks Made Easy v.2017.” This tutorial shows you how to use the QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2017 accounting software program, made by Intuit. This comprehensive QuickBooks Pro 2017 training provides 186 video lessons. It also

How to Void a Check in QuickBooks: Overview             You can void a check in QuickBooks that you have created, if necessary. To void a check, open the check you would like to void and display it in the “Write Checks” window. Then, select “Edit| Void Check” from the Menu Bar to void the check

Apply One Payment to Multiple Invoices in QuickBooks: Overview             You can apply one payment to multiple invoices in QuickBooks for a single customer by placing a checkmark in the checkmark column that appears to the left of the invoices against which you want to apply the cumulative payment amount received, until the total payment

Transfer Funds in QuickBooks Pro: Overview             You can easily transfer funds in QuickBooks Pro. To transfer funds in QuickBooks Pro, you use the “Transfer Funds Between Accounts” window. You can access this window by selecting “Banking| Transfer Funds” from the Menu Bar.             In this window, enter the date of the transfer into the

Create Discount Items in QuickBooks Pro: Overview             You can create Discount items in QuickBooks Pro within the Item List to discount the line item that was entered immediately above the “Discount” line item within a sales form. If you create a discount item and use it in an invoice, it applies the discount to

Create Subtotals Items in QuickBooks Pro: Overview             You can create Subtotal Items in QuickBooks Pro in the Item List. A subtotal will total all the items within an invoice or sales receipt up to the last subtotal entered, if one was entered. This is useful for totaling all of the previous line items within

Duplicate an Estimate in QuickBooks Pro: Overview             You can duplicate an estimate in QuickBooks Pro to create multiple estimates for the same job, if needed. For example, you may need to do this if you have a client that needs a few different pricing options for a job, and thus needs multiple estimates for