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Layer Colors in Photoshop Elements – Overview             You use layer colors in Photoshop Elements to assign color tags to layers to better organize them. You can apply a layer color in Photoshop Elements when creating a new layer in the “New Layer” dialog box. In the “New Layer” dialog box, use the “Color” drop-down

Create an Invoice in QuickBooks: Overview             When a customer agrees to make a purchase for which payment will be made at a later point in time, you create an invoice in QuickBooks. The invoice lists the customer’s information, along with an itemized list of how much that customer owes for the goods or services

Blur or Sharpen Images in Photoshop Elements: Overview             This lesson shows you how to blur or sharpen images in Photoshop Elements. The Blur Tool lets you soften hard edges and reduce fine detail in an image. The Blur Tool shares the same location as the Smudge Tool in the Toolbox within Photoshop Elements. Contrary

Change the View of a Folder in Windows 10: Overview             You can easily change the view of a folder in Windows 10. This lets you change the display of files and folders in the right pane of the File Explorer window. The view you choose is just a matter of personal preference. “Extra large

The Recompose Tool in Photoshop Elements: Overview             The Recompose Tool in Photoshop Elements lets you remove unwanted items or objects from photos and shift points of interest. To use the Recompose Tool in Photoshop Elements, open the image to manipulate. Then select “Image| Recompose” from the Menu Bar or select the “Recompose” tool from

Narrator Settings in Windows 10: Overview             To manage Narrator settings in Windows 10, open the “Settings” window. Then click the “Ease of Access” button in the middle of the screen to display the ease of access settings. Then click the “Narrator” category at the left side of this window. The Narrator settings in Windows

Create a Job in QuickBooks: Overview             You can create a job in QuickBooks to track income and expenses for customer projects. You can create a job in QuickBooks for a customer using the “Customers & Jobs” list. To create a job in QuickBooks, open the “Customer Center” window. Then select the name of the

Action Buttons in PowerPoint: Overview             You can add action buttons in PowerPoint to presentation slides. Action buttons in PowerPoint let users navigate a presentation by themselves. They also let users click a button to open a linked file or web page.             To insert action buttons into a slide, click the “Insert” tab in