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Create a Job in QuickBooks: Overview             You can create a job in QuickBooks to track income and expenses for customer projects. You can create a job in QuickBooks for a customer using the “Customers & Jobs” list. To create a job in QuickBooks, open the “Customer Center” window. Then select the name of the

Action Buttons in PowerPoint: Overview             You can add action buttons in PowerPoint to presentation slides. Action buttons in PowerPoint let users navigate a presentation by themselves. They also let users click a button to open a linked file or web page.             To insert action buttons into a slide, click the “Insert” tab in

Create Folder Shortcuts in Outlook: Overview             You can create folder shortcuts in Outlook in the “Shortcuts” group on the Navigation Bar. To create folder shortcuts in Outlook, first click the “Shortcuts” button in the Navigation Bar. Then right-click the actual word “Shortcuts” shown within the Folder Pane.             Doing this then displays a popup

The Document Inspector in Word: Overview             This lesson focuses on using the Document Inspector in Word to remove hidden document data. Accepting or rejecting tracked changes within a document will most often remove all tracked changes. However, the Document Inspector in Word lets you review and inspect legal documents for hidden data and hidden

TeachUcomp, Inc. is Included in the National Registry of CPE Sponsors             TeachUcomp, Inc. now offers NASBA approved CPE courses. We are a sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. Therefore, all 50 states now accept our NASBA approved CPE courses for CPE credit. This also includes many inhabited U.S.

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Buy QuickBooks Pro 2017 Training from TeachUcomp, Inc.             You can buy QuickBooks Pro 2017 training with our newest tutorial, “Mastering QuickBooks Made Easy v.2017.” This tutorial shows you how to use the QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2017 accounting software program, made by Intuit. This comprehensive QuickBooks Pro 2017 training provides 186 video lessons. It also

Aggregate Function Queries in Access: Overview             You can create aggregate function queries in Access that perform a mathematical function on another grouped field in a query. Aggregate function queries in Access are usually shorter queries often used for summary totals in reporting.             For example, if you want to know the sum of sales

Timeline Options in Excel: Overview             This lesson shows you how to set timeline options in Excel. After inserting a timeline, an “Options” tab within a new “Timeline Tools” contextual tab then appears in the Ribbon. This tab appears within the Ribbon any time you have the timeline selected within the worksheet. You use the