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Buy Photoshop CC 2018 Quick Reference Cards at TeachUcomp, Inc.             You can buy Photoshop CC 2018 quick reference cards with our “Photoshop CC 2018 Introduction Quick Reference Guide” cheat sheet. Our Photoshop CC 2018 quick reference card helps both creative professionals and novice users. These cheats sheets are terrific for people who just need

The Navigation Pane in Word: Overview             The Navigation pane in Word lets you navigate through your document. You can also use the Navigation Pane in Word to search your document. You can also use the Navigation Pane in Word to select and move text that has a “Heading” style applied.             To view the

Comment on Report in QuickBooks: Overview             You can use the feature named Comment on Report in QuickBooks Pro to comment on report line items. After using the feature named Comment on Report in QuickBooks, you can save reports with commentary into a special “Commented Reports” group. This lesson shows you how to use the

Remove Cell Formatting in Excel: Overview             You can remove cell formatting in Excel to clear all the currently applied cell formatting. Removing cell formatting is also called clearing cell formatting. Doing this lets you remove cell formatting that causes problems from selected cells. The contents of the cell are not affected by removing the

Format Paragraphs in PowerPoint: Overview             You can easily format paragraphs in PowerPoint. To format all paragraphs in a text-containing object in PowerPoint, click the border of the object to select it. Doing this turns the text-containing object into “object” mode. This mode applies your formatting to all text within the object. Note that some

Show the Ruler in Word: Overview             You can easily show the ruler in Word and also hide it. Microsoft Word provides you with a ruler that you can use to set tabs within a document. The ruler also assists in the placement and positioning of document text and document objects. Depending upon which document

Batch Invoices in QuickBooks Pro: Overview             You can easily create batch invoices in QuickBooks Pro to give multiple, selected customers an invoice for the same products or services. Before you create batch invoices in QuickBooks Pro, however, you should be sure you have the customer’s information recorded correctly within the “Customers & Jobs” list

Make a Cloud Backup in Sage 50: Overview             You can make a cloud backup in Sage 50, if you have a subscription to Office 365 Business Premium or higher. Doing this creates a backup that is saved to the cloud using Office 365. To enable Office 365 integration with your Sage 50c products, you