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References for a Job Interview: Overview             In this lesson, we’ll talk about some ways to develop references for a job interview. Let’s start by looking at some good people to consider when developing references for a job interview: Former bosses, co-workers, customers, vendors, college professors, landlords, managers of your volunteer work, and colleagues all

The Behavioral Interview: Overview             This lesson will discuss the behavioral interview. These days, most job interviews are conducted as behavioral interviews. In the behavioral interview, the interviewer asks questions which are based on discovering how a person reacted to a situation in the past. The theory behind the behavioral interview is that past behavior

Prepare for an Interview: Overview             In this lesson, we will talk about a few things you can do to prepare for an interview. You can start to prepare for an interview by thinking about your travel to and from the interview. Once the interview is scheduled, put the interview location into an Internet map

Resume Writing Tips- Tutorial

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Resume Writing Tips: Overview             In this lesson, we will look at a few resume writing tips you can use to create a great resume. If you are interested in learning more resume writing tips, TeachUcomp offers a comprehensive course on resume development, titled “Mastering Your Resume Made Easy v.1.0.” For now, let’s look at