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Export a PDF to Excel: Overview             Acrobat provides you with options when you want to export a PDF to Excel. Acrobat can export an entire PDF, or only a selected table within a PDF, as Excel worksheets. To export a selected table as an Excel worksheet, choose the Selection Tool within the Common Tools

Overview of How to Add a Drop Down List in Excel In this lesson, you will learn how to add a drop down list in Excel within a worksheet. You accomplish this in Excel by using the “Data Validation” feature. To learn how to add a drop down list to Excel, first type the list

A Tutorial on How to Create PDF Using Microsoft Office             This tutorial will show you how to create PDF using Microsoft Office 2013-2010. The information is taken from the complete Acrobat training titled “Mastering Acrobat Made Easy v.XI.” Acrobat makes it easy to convert Microsoft Office files into PDF files

Need more Excel training? Click here for the complete tutorial!                 Creating Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts You can use the PivotTable feature of Excel to access some of the most powerful data-analysis that Excel can provide. PivotTables allow you to organize massive amounts of data in more

Get the complete Excel tutorial here               Creating 3D Formulas It is helpful to be able to create a single formula that calculates data gathered from multiple worksheets. These types of formulas are called 3D formulas. They calculate information from multiple worksheets and show the result in a selected

In Excel, you can format cells to add a professional appearance to your data. This can be a useful tool for reports or for organizing information to make it easier to read. In this post, we will show you how to format cells in Microsoft Excel 2010.   Formatting Cells Note that in the “Home”

Writing Formulas You use formulas to perform mathematical functions on cells. There are two basic ways of writing formulas available: “ranged syntax” or “simple syntax.” A “syntax” is simply a way of expressing or writing something. It is important to note that these two syntaxes are not mutually exclusive! In fact, your more complex formulas