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A Tutorial on How to Create PDF Using Microsoft Office             This tutorial will show you how to create PDF using Microsoft Office 2013-2010. The information is taken from the complete Acrobat training titled “Mastering Acrobat Made Easy v.XI.” Acrobat makes it easy to convert Microsoft Office files into PDF files

 Running a Slide Show “Slide Show” view is used to display the presentation on or from your computer. You can view either the entire presentation, or just few a few slides. This is the best way to view your presentation for its clarity, flow, appearance, and impact on the audience. You can run your presentation

Inserting Videos You can insert video files into your presentation slides. For example, you could take training videos that you have created and insert them into the presentation. You can create movie files with several different types of software, and if you have a digital camcorder, you may even have software that allows you to