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Sort a Table in Word: Overview             You can sort a table in Word that is used for storing and organizing data. It is possible to sort a table in Word by one or more columns of data in the table. You can sort a table in Word both alphabetically or numerically. You can also

Update an Index in Word: Overview             You can update an index in Word after you alter the content in a document that contains an index to refresh its display, versus having to recreate the whole thing. Because an index in Microsoft Word is simply a field code, it can be updated in the same

Page Setup in Word- Tutorial

Thursday, 19 November 2015 by

Page Setup in Word: Overview             Page Setup in Word lets you change the structure and layout of pages in a Microsoft Word document. The “Page Setup” group on the “Page Layout” tab of the Ribbon contains buttons that let you make changes to the page setup of the document. In addition to these buttons,

Export a PDF to Word- Tutorial

Thursday, 23 April 2015 by

Export a PDF to Word: Overview             You can export a PDF to Word to create dynamic text documents. To do this, open the PDF to convert to a Word document in Acrobat, and then choose “File| Save As Other| Microsoft Word| Word Document” from the Menu Bar. To save the PDF using the older

Create a New Document in Word 2013-2010: Overview             This blog post shows you how to create a new document in Word 2013 and Word 2010. There are many ways to create a new document in Word 2013. When you first open Word 2013, you will see a startup screen that allows you to create

How to Number Pages in Word

Wednesday, 23 July 2014 by

How to Number Pages in Word: Overview             This tutorial will show you how to number pages in Word. In Word, you add page numbers to pages by inserting a “page number” field into either the header or footer of the document. This lesson will show you how to number pages in Word by accessing

A Tutorial on How to Create PDF Using Microsoft Office             This tutorial will show you how to create PDF using Microsoft Office 2013-2010. The information is taken from the complete Acrobat training titled “Mastering Acrobat Made Easy v.XI.” Acrobat makes it easy to convert Microsoft Office files into PDF files

Need more Word training? Click here for the complete tutorial!                 Setting Page and Section Breaks When you create a document, you set a paper size such as 8.5” by 11.” When you reach the end of the specified page size in Word, it will insert an automatic