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Using Subfolders in Outlook for Lawyers: Overview             Using subfolders in Outlook for lawyers helps some attorneys organize email. Many attorneys find that they receive a substantial amount of daily email. One effective mail management technique that helps categorize, sort, and clear a cluttered mailbox is using subfolders in Outlook for lawyers. When using subfolders

Use Search Folders in Outlook: Overview             This lesson shows how to use search folders in Outlook to organize mail. Many efficiency studies show using search folders to organize mail is more quick and efficient that using subfolders. When you use search folders in Outlook, you do not create subfolders. All mail is collected within

Buy Outlook 2016 Training for Lawyers- Now Available from TeachUcomp, Inc.             TeachUcomp, Inc. is pleased to announce you can now buy Outlook 2016 training for Lawyers with the release of our newest tutorial, “Mastering Outlook Made Easy for Lawyers CPE Edition v.3.0.” This tutorial provides training for legal professionals on using the Microsoft Outlook

Use the Bcc Field for Confidentiality with Contact Groups: Overview             In this lesson, you will learn about creating contact groups and how to use the Bcc field for confidentiality when sending emails to your contact groups. Note that contact groups were called “distribution lists” in Outlook 2007, however they retain the same functionality in

AutoReply to Email The AutoReply feature of Outlook can be indispensable for attorneys who must make many court appearances and travel to perform their jobs. Whenever you must leave the office for a day, it is a good habit to set an AutoReply to email- informing people that you are out of the office and

Microsoft Outlook contains features that can come in handy for law firms, attorneys, lawyers, and anyone who practices law. In this post, we will cover task tracking.             Task Tracking vs. Forwarding Email Many times you may have the temptation to forward an email that needs follow-up to an assistant