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Inserting and Deleting Worksheets in Excel: Overview             In this tutorial, you will learn about inserting and deleting worksheets in Excel. Inserting and deleting worksheets in Excel is a critical skill to possess when working within a workbook in Excel.             To insert a single new worksheet at the end of the current listing of

Workbook Protection in Excel- Tutorial             When you apply workbook protection in Excel, you prevent changes to the workbook’s structure and its windows. Applying the windows workbook protection prevents people from changing the size or shape of the workbook window. Applying structural workbook protection prevents people from adding, deleting, hiding or moving worksheets within the

Buy Microsoft Office 2016 Training

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Buy Microsoft Office 2016 Training- Now Available from TeachUcomp, Inc.             TeachUcomp, Inc. announces that our newest tutorial, “Mastering Microsoft Office Made Easy v.2016-2013,” is now available! You can buy Microsoft Office 2016 training to learn how to use the Microsoft Office 2016 software programs. It shows how to use the software programs Access, Excel, OneNote, Outlook,

Freeze Panes in Excel – Tutorial

Thursday, 01 September 2016 by

Freeze Panes in Excel: Overview             You can freeze panes in Excel to view data in two separate sections of a long worksheet simultaneously. You can freeze panes in Excel to freeze one or two sections of a worksheet to prevent scrolling. This lets you scroll the unfrozen section of the worksheet to view two different worksheet

Recover Unsaved Workbooks in Excel: Overview             You can try to recover unsaved workbooks in Excel. To see if Excel has automatically saved a copy of an unsaved workbook, click the “File” tab in the Ribbon. Then click the “Open” command at the left side of the backstage view. In the area to the right

Create a KPI in Power Pivot for Excel: Overview             Another useful feature of creating measures within the data model in Power Pivot is the ability to then extend these fields to create a KPI in Power Pivot for Excel. KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator. A KPI is a value, and often associated symbol,

Conditional Formatting in Excel: Overview             With conditional formatting in Excel, you set criteria for cells that change the look of the cell based on whether or not the cell’s value meets the criteria you set. For example, to have a worksheet cell appear with a red fill color only if it contains a negative number, you can

Accept or Reject Changes to a Shared Workbook in Excel: Overview             You can accept or reject changes to a shared workbook in Excel after you view the changes that have been made. To accept or reject changes to a shared workbook in Excel, click the “Track Changes” button in the “Changes”