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Master Pages in Publisher: Overview             Master pages in Publisher let you change the default appearance of pages in a publication. The master pages in Publisher contain the default objects and content you want to apply as a page layout to a publication page. Pages you add to a publication receive their default formatting from the master

Custom Color Schemes in Publisher: Overview             You create custom color schemes in Publisher to apply colors you select to elements within your publication in a consistent way. To create custom color schemes in Publisher, click the “More” button in the lower right corner of the “Schemes” list on the “Page

Create a New Publication in Publisher: Overview             When you first open Publisher, you will see a startup screen that allows you to create a new publication in Publisher. Simply click the type of publication that you want to create within the listing of available templates that appears at the right side of the startup

Create Building Blocks in Publisher: Overview             You can create building blocks in Publisher to make reusable content you can insert into your publication pages. For example, you could save your company’s logo and name as a custom building block you could insert into future publications without having to recreate all of the content and

Preview Results a Merge in Publisher: Overview             You can preview results of a merge in Publisher to see the results of a merge without actually sending the mail merge to a printer or even having to create another “output” publication for review. You will use the buttons in the “Preview Results” button group on

The Publisher 2016 User Interface: Overview             The picture shown below is of the Publisher 2016 user interface after you open a new, blank publication in Publisher. A publication is the file type created in Publisher. Within a publication you create and modify text and graphic objects on the pages that constitute the publication. When

Buy Publisher 2016 Training – Now Available from TeachUcomp, Inc.             TeachUcomp, Inc. is pleased to announce you can now buy Publisher 2016 training with the release of our newest tutorial, “Mastering Publisher Made Easy v.2016-2013.” This Publisher 2016 tutorial provides training on using Publisher 2016, made by Microsoft. When you buy Publisher 2016 training

Microsoft Office 2016 Released 9-22-15: Product Information             Microsoft Office 2016 has been released to the public as of 9/22/15. This means that Office 2016 is now available for both Windows and OSX operating systems. It is also available for all Office 365 subscribers.             Users of Office 365 can install the latest Office 2016