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Buy Photoshop CC 2018 Quick Reference Cards at TeachUcomp, Inc.             You can buy Photoshop CC 2018 quick reference cards with our “Photoshop CC 2018 Introduction Quick Reference Guide” cheat sheet. Our Photoshop CC 2018 quick reference card helps both creative professionals and novice users. These cheats sheets are terrific for people who just need

Need more Photoshop training? Click here for the complete tutorial.                 The Smudge Tool When you select the “Smudge Tool” from the Toolbox and click and drag it in your image, the effect produced is similar to the effect of dragging your finger through wet paint. The tool

Click here to view the complete tutorial             The Lasso Tools The Lasso Tools let you draw either free-form selections with curves or straight-edged selections for irregular polygonal selection shapes. The Magnetic Lasso Tool is a really neat selection tool that allows the selection’s border to “snap” to the pixilated

Click here for the complete tutorial             Cropping Images Cropping allows you to trim away parts of an image that are unnecessary, which can enhance the composition of your image. You can crop an image using the “Crop Tool” in the Toolbox, which has the most options for cropping available

Selection Basics When you wish to edit part of an image file in Photoshop, you must first select the region that you wish to change. When you select a part of an image the selected area will be indicated by a dashed selection border called a “selection marquee.” The changes that you then make will

The Brush Tool in Photoshop CS6

Friday, 27 September 2013 by

Photoshop has several useful tools that allow you to paint lines and color areas of the images and layers in a Photoshop file. You can use the Brush Tool and the Pencil Tool to paint and draw pixels in an image. These two tools share the same button in the Toolbox. You can access the