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QuickBooks for Lawyers Training in QuickBooks Pro 2018 Now Available             TeachUcomp, Inc. announces the release of our newest QuickBooks for lawyers training, “Mastering QuickBooks Made Easy for Lawyers v.2018 CPE Edition v.7.0.” This tutorial provides training for legal professionals on using the QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018 accounting software program, made by Intuit. This comprehensive

Class Tracking in QuickBooks for Law Firms: Overview             You can enable class tracking in QuickBooks for law firms to classify all transactions for reporting purposes. When you use class tracking in QuickBooks for law firms, the classes often represent individual lawyers, partners, or departments within the firm. You can then create reports within QuickBooks

How to Apply Keyboard Shortcuts in QuickBooks Pro             You can use keyboard shortcuts in QuickBooks Pro to perform commands. Keyboard shortcuts in QuickBooks Pro are shown in the Menu Bar to the right of the specific command to which they correspond. For example, if you click the “Lists” command within the Menu Bar, you

Depositing Client Money into the Client Trust Account You should always be aware of the reporting requirements within your state and adhere to the regulations given. While you will have all of the required transactions and accounting information stored within the legal company file in QuickBooks, it is important to remember that you must also

Making a Legal Company Using Express Start in QuickBooks 2014 You can use the Express Start feature in QuickBooks to create a new company file. This feature simplifies and segments the steps in the EasyStep Interview into more manageable sections, so you can get started with QuickBooks more quickly. When you first open QuickBooks, the