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Small Business Accounting Tutorial Course



Course Title: Mastering Accounting Made Easy
Versions Covered: Small Business & Managerial Accounting
Hours of Content: 3
Video Lessons: 68
Subject: Accounting & Auditing
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Course Description

If you are new to small business accounting or need a refresher, this course is for you. From terminology to reading reports, small business accounting can sometimes be confusing. During this 3 hour Accounting video training course, our expert instructor will teach you about different types of accounts (asset, liability, equity, income and expense), payroll, financial statements and much more.

This accounting training covers the same material as our classroom training and was designed to provide a solid foundation in accounting.

Course Syllabus & Sample Lessons

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CHAPTER 1- Introduction and Overview
Lesson 1.1- What is Accounting?
Lesson 1.2- Accounting Methods free
Lesson 1.3- Ethics in Financial Reporting free
Lesson 1.4- Introduction to Financial Statements
Lesson 1.5- Business Activities
Lesson 1.6- GAAP
Lesson 1.7- Sarbanes-Oxley Act
Lesson 1.8- Accrual vs. Cash Basis of Accounting
CHAPTER 2- Financial Statements
Lesson 2.1- Balance Sheets free
Lesson 2.2- Accounting Transactions
Lesson 2.3- Debits and Credits
Lesson 2.4- T-Accounts and Journal Entries
Lesson 2.5- The Balance Sheet
Lesson 2.6- Income Statements
Lesson 2.7- Retained Earnings Statement
Lesson 2.8- Statement of Cash Flows
CHAPTER 3- Assets
Lesson 3.1- Introduction to Assets
Lesson 3.2- Current Assets free
Lesson 3.3- Property, Plant and Equipment
Lesson 3.4- Long-Term Investments
Lesson 3.5- Intangible Assets
Lesson 3.6- Depreciation
CHAPTER 4- Liabilities
Lesson 4.1- Introduction to Liabilities
Lesson 4.2- Current Liabilities free
Lesson 4.3- Notes Payable
Lesson 4.4- Sales Tax Payable
Lesson 4.5- Unearned Revenue
Lesson 4.6- Payroll Payable
Lesson 4.7- Long-Term Liabilities
CHAPTER 5- Other Accounting Transactions
Lesson 5.1- The Trial Balance
Lesson 5.2- Adjusting Entries
Lesson 5.3- Closing the Books
Lesson 5.4- Sales Revenues, Gross Profits & Operating Activities
CHAPTER 6- Inventory
Lesson 6.1- Classifying Inventory
Lesson 6.2- Determining Inventory Quantities
Lesson 6.3- Cost of Goods Sold
Lesson 6.4- FIFO and LIFO
Lesson 6.5- Average Cost Method
CHAPTER 7- Stockholder’s Equity
Lesson 7.1- Corporate Form of Organization
Lesson 7.2- Stock Issue Considerations
Lesson 7.3- Accounting for Treasury Stock
Lesson 7.4- Preferred Stock
Lesson 7.5- Dividends and Retained Earnings
CHAPTER 8- Managerial Accounting
Lesson 8.1- Introduction to Managerial Accounting
Lesson 8.2- Code of Ethics for Managerial Accounting
Lesson 8.3- Managerial Cost Concepts
Lesson 8.4- Other Managerial Concepts
CHAPTER 9- Cost Accounting Systems
Lesson 9.1- Cost Accounting Systems
Lesson 9.2- Job Order Flow
Lesson 9.3- Reporting Job Order Costing
Lesson 9.4- Process Cost Systems
Lesson 9.5- Activity Based Costing
CHAPTER 10- Behavior of Costs and Expenses
Lesson 10.1- Cost Behavior
Lesson 10.2- Break-Even Analysis and Contribution Margin Ratio
Lesson 10.3- Margin of Safety
CHAPTER 11- Cost Controlling
Lesson 11.1- Budgetary Control
Lesson 11.2- Static and Flexible Budgets
Lesson 11.3- Responsibility Accounting
Lesson 11.4- Standard Costs
Lesson 11.5- Analyzing and Reporting Variances
CHAPTER 12- Profit and Budget Planning
Lesson 12.1- Budgeting Basics
Lesson 12.2- Preparing the Operating Budgets
Lesson 12.3- Preparing the Financial Budgets
CHAPTER 13- Management Decision Making
Lesson 13.1- Introduction to Management Decision Making
Lesson 13.2- Incremental Analysis
Lesson 13.3- Capital Budgeting and Annual Rate of Return
Lesson 13.4- Other Tools for Analysis and Decision Making

Small Business Accounting Training Course Overview

This introduction to small business & managerial accounting is designed to get you up and running. Whether you are setting up your company in QuickBooks for the first time, interviewing for a job that requires basic accounting knowledge or you just want to increase your knowledge in accounting, this course is for you.

Course includes video lessons, printable course transcript, a practice exam with evaluative feedback (find out why your answers are right or wrong), your final exam submission, and a course certificate of completion.

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