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Microsoft OneNote Tutorial Course

OneNote Tutorial Includes: Video Lessons, Instruction Manuals, Exam & Certificate of Completion.

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OneNote 2016 tutorial: A picture of the Microsoft OneNote tutorial and information about the Standard and CPE versions.

Course Title: Mastering OneNote Made Easy
Versions Covered: 2016 through 2007
Hours of Content: 5
Video Lessons: 67
Manuals: 1
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Microsoft OneNote Tutorial: Course Description

This comprehensive OneNote tutorial from TeachUcomp, Inc. is named Mastering OneNote Made Easy. Our OneNote tutorial has 67 video lessons and 5 hours of instruction on both introductory and advanced material. In each video of this media-rich learning experience, your expert instructor guides you through each lesson step-by-step.

Our OneNote tutorial also comes with PDF manuals and other PDF learning material. The instruction manuals contain lesson transcripts, images, instructions and also exercises to help reinforce the video lessons. You can also print the PDF instruction manuals if you want to have a hard copy of the course content.

Our OneNote tutorial is perfect for new users and also users upgrading from a previous version. You can follow the full course syllabus or customize the order in which you watch the lessons to meet your personal learning needs. This OneNote tutorial empowers you with both the knowledge and skills required to use OneNote proficiently. It combines years of both classroom training experience and teaching techniques into an easy-to-use course. Just open the easy-to-use interface, then click to start a video lesson or open the manual, and you’re on your way to mastering OneNote.


Microsoft OneNote Tutorial: Course Syllabus & Sample Lessons

Select any of the video lessons markedOneNote 2016 tutorial: A picture of a "Free" button.to view them in a new window.

To view a sample of the instruction manual in PDF, click here: Introductory OneNote


OneNote Tutorial: Getting Acquainted with OneNote

Lesson 1.1-


The OneNote Environment
This lesson shows both the names and locations of the tools needed 
to use OneNote.
OneNote 2016 tutorial: A picture of a "Free" button.
Lesson 1.2- The Title Bar
A lesson about using the Title Bar in OneNote to control the size 
of the application window and also close it.
Lesson 1.3- The Ribbon
This lesson in the OneNote 2016 tutorial shows you how to use the 
Ribbon, which contains all the commands available in OneNote.
Lesson 1.4- The “File” Tab and Backstage View
A lesson about both the “File” tab within the Ribbon and the
“Backstage View” of the notebook and how to use them.
Lesson 1.5- The Quick Access Toolbar
Learn how to both add and remove your favorite commands to
and from the Quick Access 
Toolbar in OneNote.
Lesson 1.6- The Scroll Bars
This lesson of the OneNote 2016 tutorial shows how to use both the
horizontal an vertical scroll bars to view notebook content.
Lesson 1.7- The Mini Toolbar
Shows how to use the Mini Toolbar to format selections.


OneNote Tutorial: Getting Started

Lesson 2.1-


Opening, Saving and Closing Notebooks
A lesson on opening notebooks, saving notebooks, and also closing 
notebooks in OneNote.
OneNote 2016 tutorial: A picture of a "Free" button.
Lesson 2.2- Creating New Notebooks
This lesson shows you how to create new notebooks in OneNote.
Lesson 2.3- Creating, Moving and Deleting Sections and Pages
Helps you learn how to organize both notebook pages and sections
creating, moving, or deleting them.
Lesson 2.4- Creating, Moving and Deleting Subpages
Shows you how to create, re-arrange, and also delete subpages in 
OneNote notebooks.


OneNote Tutorial: Notes

Lesson 3.1-


Creating a Basic Note
Learn techniques for inserting notes into notebook pages and
also creating
 basic text notes.
OneNote 2016 tutorial: A picture of a "Free" button.
Lesson 3.2- Quick Notes
This lesson shows how to create Quick Notes and also how to 
manage the Quick Notes you have created.
Lesson 3.3-


Copying and Pasting Content
Teaches you how to copy and paste content from other software 
into OneNote and also set paste options.
OneNote 2016 tutorial: A picture of a "Free" button.
Lesson 3.4- Screen Clippings
In this lesson, you learn how to use screen clippings to capture any 
content shown on your device. You also also learn how to use the 
“Send to OneNote” tool.
Lesson 3.5- Adding Pictures
This lesson shows you how to add pictures from both your device 
and from online sources to notebooks. You also learn how to move, 
resize and delete pictures in notebooks.
Lesson 3.6- Adding Audio & Video Files
A lesson about inserting both audio and video files in OneNote 
and playing the content.
Lesson 3.7- Inserting Online Video
Learn how to insert and embed video from online sources in
OneNote 2016.
Lesson 3.8- Recording Audio & Video Files
Shows how to record both audio and video in OneNote and change 
the playback settings.
Lesson 3.9- Adding Other Types of Files
This lesson teaches you how to add file attachments to notebooks.
Lesson 3.10- Embedding an Excel Spreadsheet
A lesson on creating and inserting Excel spreadsheets and also
previewing the content in OneNote notebooks.
Lesson 3.11- Adding Mathematical Equations
Learn how to use both the “Equation Editor” and “Ink Equation” 
tools in OneNote.
Lesson 3.12- Quick Filing – Sending Information to OneNote
Shows how to quickly send content to OneNote from external
programs and also use the “Send to OneNote” tool.


OneNote Tutorial: Formatting Notes

Lesson 4.1-


Basic Text Formatting
This lesson in the OneNote 2016 tutorial shows how to apply both
and paragraph formatting to text.
OneNote 2016 tutorial: A picture of a "Free" button.
Lesson 4.2- Bullets and Numbering
Learn how to apply both bullets and formatting to lists in OneNote.
OneNote 2016 tutorial: A picture of a "Free" button.
Lesson 4.3- Checking Spelling
Shows how to identify and also correct misspelled words in notes.
Lesson 4.4- Setting Default Proofing Options
This lesson in the OneNote 2016 tutorial shows how to set the
default proofing options and also use AutoCorrect.


OneNote Tutorial: Working with Microsoft Outlook

Lesson 5.1- Inserting Outlook Meetings
This lesson shows how to track meetings and events from the
Outlook calendar in OneNote notebooks.
Lesson 5.2- Sending Notebook Pages via Microsoft Outlook
Our OneNote 2016 tutorial shows you how to email notebook pages 
from OneNote using Outlook.
Lesson 5.3- Working with Microsoft Outlook Tasks
Learn how to send tasks to Outlook directly from OneNote.


OneNote Tutorial: Tables

Lesson 6.1- Creating a Table
This lesson of the OneNote 2016 tutorial shows you how to both 
create tables and enter information into them.
Lesson 6.2- Working with Columns and Rows
The OneNote 2016 tutorial shows you how to insert and delete 
both columns and rows within a table.
Lesson 6.3- Formatting Tables and Table Data
This lesson of the OneNote 2016 tutorial shows how to resize, select, 
format, and sort tables and table data. It also shows how to convert 
a table into an Excel spreadsheet.
Lesson 6.4- Moving Tables and Table Data
The final lesson of this chapter in our OneNote 2016 tutorial shows 
how to move both tables and the data within tables.


OneNote Tutorial: Writing Tools

Lesson 7.1- Pen Mode
This lesson in our OneNote 2016 tutorial shows how to use 
“Pen Mode” for touch-based devices with stylus pens.
Lesson 7.2- Formatting Written Notes & Drawings
Learn how to both select and format pen drawings in OneNote. Also
learn how to erase these same drawings.
Lesson 7.3- Adding and Removing Note Space
This lesson in the OneNote 2016 tutorial shows you how to both 
add and remove note space around notes.
Lesson 7.4- Converting Handwriting to Type
This lesson shows how to convert handwritten notes into typed 
text notes in a OneNote notebook.


OneNote Tutorial: Viewing and Organizing Information

Lesson 8.1- Organizing the OneNote Interface
A lesson about using the “Views,” “Page Setup” and “Zoom” button 
groups on the “View” tab in the Ribbon.
Lesson 8.2- Creating New Windows
This lesson in the OneNote 2016 tutorial shows how to both open 
and arrange new notebook windows.
Lesson 8.3 Searching Content in a Notebook
A lesson about finding words in both text notes and audio/video 
files within OneNote notebooks.
Lesson 8.4- Wiki Linking
This lesson in the OneNote 2016 tutorial teaches you how to create 
links to other notebooks and also to web pages.
Lesson 8.5- Tagging Notes
Learn how to create, apply, remove and edit tags used to categorize 
notebook content in this lesson of the OneNote 2016 tutorial.
Lesson 8.6- Working with Sections
A lesson about moving and password-protecting notebook sections.
Lesson 8.7- Section Groups
Learn how to create sections group to organize related notebook 
sections in this lesson of the OneNote 2016 tutorial.


OneNote Tutorial: Stationery and Templates

Lesson 9.1- Applying Templates and Stationery
A lesson about applying templates to notebook pages.
Lesson 9.2- Custom Templates
Learn how to both create and delete custom page templates in this 
lesson from our OneNote 2016 tutorial.
Lesson 9.3- Choosing a Default Template
This lesson in our OneNote 2016 tutorial shows you how to apply 
a default page template to new pages in a notebook section.


OneNote Tutorial: Formatting Pages

Lesson 10.1- Defining Paper Size and Margins
A lesson on how to set the page size and also define page margins.
Lesson 10.2- Formatting Page Backgrounds
This lesson teaches you how to add both rule lines and grid lines 
to notebook pages in OneNote.
Lesson 10.3- Adding a Background Graphic
Learn how to both add and remove page background images in this 
lesson from our OneNote 2016 tutorial.


OneNote Tutorial: Printing

Lesson 11.1- Previewing and Printing
This lesson teaches you how to both preview and print page content 
in OneNote.


OneNote Tutorial: Sharing Notebooks & Collaborating

Lesson 12.1- Saving and Exporting Notebooks to Share
Learn how to export entire notebooks and also selected pages or 
sections to a variety of formats.
Lesson 12.2- Creating a Shared Notebook and Inviting Others to Share
This lesson of the OneNote 2016 tutorial shows how to share
notebooks with others and also invite them to collaborate.
Lesson 12.3- Sharing Notes in an Outlook Meeting Invitation
Learn how to both create and share notes within an Outlook 
meeting invitation in this lesson from our OneNote 2016 tutorial.
Lesson 12.4- Synching Notebooks
This lesson teaches you about how OneNote automatically syncs
notebooks and also shows you how to manually sync notebooks.
Lesson 12.5- Sending Pages in Various Formats
This lesson shows the many ways you can send a page to others
and also show the different formats you can choose.
Lesson 12.6- Author Indicators
Learn how to quickly find what content has been created, and also
by whom, within a shared notebook.
Lesson 12.7- Finding Newly Added Content with Highlighting
Learn how to use highlighting to find, and also view, new content 
added to a shared notebook in OneNote.
Lesson 12.8- Page Versions
This lesson teaches you how to view, and also restore or delete, the 
page revisions in a notebook.
Lesson 12.9- The Notebook Recycle Bin
This lesson of the OneNote 2016 tutorial teaches you how to both 
restore and permanently delete pages deleted from a notebook.


OneNote Tutorial: Researching with OneNote

Lesson 13.1- Linked Notes
Learn how to link open Office documents in notes and also
reopen those documents in the future.
Lesson 13.2- The Research Pane
Teaches you how to use the “Research Pane” to access both the 
thesaurus and dictionary in OneNote, along with other research
Lesson 13.3- Translating Text with the Mini Translator
Learn how to both enable and disable, and also use, the 
“Mini Translator” within OneNote.


OneNote Tutorial: Changing OneNote Options

Lesson 14.1- Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar and Ribbon
This lesson of the OneNote 2016 tutorial shows how to customize 
both the Quick Access Toolbar and Ribbon to add or remove buttons.
Lesson 14.2- Changing OneNote Options
This lesson of the OneNote 2016 tutorial shows how to change the 
default settings within OneNote 2016.


OneNote Tutorial: Helping Yourself

Lesson 15.1- Using OneNote Help
The final lesson of the OneNote 2016 tutorial shows you how to 
use the help resources in OneNote.

Microsoft OneNote Tutorial: Course Overview

Our 5-hour OneNote tutorial shows both how powerful and useful Microsoft‘s popular note-taking software is. You will learn about creating and formatting notes, working with tables, linking media, sharing notebooks, collaborating and also much more. This OneNote tutorial provides both a foundational skill set in OneNote and advanced skills for power users.

Course includes video lessons, printable instruction manual, a practice exam with evaluative feedback (find out why your answers are right or wrong), your final exam submission, and a course certificate of completion. Our OneNote training also qualifies for continuing education credit for CPAs (Certified Public Accountants) in certain states.

The OneNote tutorial is also available for delivery in many ways. The online training delivery method offers both premium flexibility and value. Online training lets you access your courses both anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection! It also includes all new releases and updates for the duration of your subscription. An online subscription grants you instant access to ALL our courses for one low price! There are no contracts and you can also cancel at any time. We have both monthly and annual plans available for online subscriptions.

Our OneNote tutorial is also available as an individual product you can buy via digital download and online for a one-time fee.




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