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Data Protection CPE Course – Product Release

Data Protection CPE Course: Overview

            There is a data protection CPE course now available from TeachUcomp, Inc. for online course subscribers. This CPE course offers 2 CPE credit hours in “Taxation.” This CPE course is also only available for subscribers of one of our CPE online learning packages. You can find more information about this data protection CPE course by visiting the course’s product page. The link to the product page appears in the table below.

Course Name CPE Subject Category CPE Credit Hours
Data Protection Taxation 2

            This  CPE course consists of video lessons, PDF instructional materials, PDF review materials, and also PDF testing materials. The  CPE course also complies with the standards for interactive self-study as defined by NASBA and AICPA. You can visit this link to check CPE eligibility for your state.

Data Protection CPE Course: Course Description

            This data protection CPE course examines methods tax practitioners can take to protect sensitive taxpayer data. It explores the IRS Security Summit, IRS Publication 4557, and IRS Publication 5199. The course’s goal is to educate practitioners about how they can assist in the fight against tax-related identity theft.

Data Protection CPE Course - Product Release: A picture of the user interface for the online “Data Protection” CPE course.

Data Protection CPE Course: A picture of the user interface for the online “Data Protection” CPE course.

Data Protection CPE Course: How to Purchase

            You can purchase the data protection CPE course from TeachUcomp, Inc. by subscribing to one of our CPE online learning packages. Individuals who want to buy courses separately can buy an individual course subscription for $50 for one year. You can also find subscription information in the product page for the individual course in the link above.

            Alternatively, our online CPE subscription packages are perfect for users who wish to subscribe to all our online CPE courses. Our “1-Year” online CPE subscription package gives you access to all our CPE courses for $199! Online CPE subscription packages are also available for monthly subscriptions or “2-Year” subscriptions. You can learn more about these options at the following link:

Online CPE Subscriptions at TeachUcomp, Inc.

Online CPE Subscription Information from TeachUcomp, Inc.