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Field Properties in Access 2013

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Field Properties in Access 2013: Video

This video, titled “Field Properties,” shows how to set field properties in Access 2013 for tables in an Access database. Need more Access training? Click here for the complete tutorial!

Setting Field Properties

You can set the field properties in Access 2013 for the table fields you create in the design view of a table. When you open tables in design view in Access 2013, you name the fields and assign them a data type using the top half of the screen which is called the table design grid. Below that, in the “Field Properties” section, you set the properties of the field that is currently selected in the table design grid on the two tabs labeled “General” and “Lookup.”

To set a field property, you must first find the specific property of the field that you would like to set on the tabs. Most of the time, the property that you are trying to set is on the “General” tab. You only use the “Lookup” tab when you are manually setting properties of “lookup” fields which display values from another table or list.

The “General” tab contains field properties that allow you to control the size, display, default values, and many other features of the selected field. You can click into a property box and view information about its function or purpose in the right pane of the “Field Properties” section. If you need additional help in setting the value of a particular property, you can click into the property field about which you have questions, and then press the “F1” key for additional assistance. The help file will appear in a separate window, which you can read and print, if desired.