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Free Excel Training Online for Microsoft 365

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Free Excel Training Online on Excel for Microsoft 365:

            The following link is to our free Excel training playlist on YouTube on Excel for Microsoft 365: Excel Training Tutorial: A Complete Excel for Microsoft 365 Training. The videos in this free Excel training playlist come from our premier Excel tutorial, titled Mastering Excel Made Easy™. However, the playlist only contains the premier course’s video lessons. Alternatively, the complete Excel tutorial contains ad-free videos, testing, and a manual for a more complete Microsoft Excel training.

            Both our free Excel training playlist and our premier Excel training contain the same 211 videos. These video lessons show you how to use Microsoft Excel. Separately, the premier version also includes a PDF instruction manual with additional images and practice exercises. It also includes chapter reviews and a final exam. Upon passing the final exam, you can also receive a certificate of completion for the course.

A picture of our free Excel training online for Microsoft 365 at YouTube.

A picture of our free Excel training online for Microsoft 365 at YouTube.

Additional Resources:

Microsoft Excel– This is a link to Microsoft Excel on the Microsoft web site. You can try the Excel software or purchase the software directly from Microsoft at this link.

Mastering Excel Made Easy™- This is a link to our complete Microsoft Excel training. You can purchase it as an online course and digital download, directly from TeachUcomp, Inc.

Mastering Excel Made Easy™ for Lawyers– This is an enhanced version of the “Mastering Excel Made Easy” training, with additional lessons on using Microsoft Excel for legal professionals.

Excel 2021 & 365 Introductory Quick Reference Guide– This 4-page laminated quick reference guide provides quick tips on how to do common tasks in Excel. Durable and easy-to-use, quick reference cards are perfect for individuals, businesses, and as supplemental training materials.

Mastering Excel Made Easy- Manual Only (Download)– This is the PDF manual for the complete “Mastering Excel Made Easy™” course. This is a perfect addition if you watch our free Excel training playlist on Excel for Microsoft 365 on YouTube.