JavaScript Manual

JavaScript Manual

Subject: JavaScript
Level: Introductory
Product Type: PDF Instruction Manuals
Pages: 283
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Topics Covered:

Getting Acquainted with JavaScript
1. Introduction to JavaScript
2. JavaScript vs. Java
3. The Tag
4. External JavaScript
5. Uses for JavaScript

The Makeup of JavaScript
1. JavaScript Statements
2. Code and Code Blocks
3. Whitespace
4. Case Sensitivity
5. Breaking Up a Line of Code

JavaScript Comments
1. Single Line Comments
2. Multi-Line Comments
3. End of Line Comments
4. Using Comments to Stop Execution

JavaScript Variables
1. What are JavaScript Variables?
2. Syntax for Text and Numerical Values
3. Creating (Declaring) Variables
4. Re-Declaring Variables
5. Undefined Value
6. Using One Statement for Multiple Variables
7. Local Variables and Global Variables

Exploring JavaScript Data Types
1. Dynamic Data Types in JavaScript
2. Null
3. Number
4. String
5. Boolean
6. Array
7. Object

JavaScript Objects
1. Creating Objects
2. Accessing Object Properties
3. Accessing Object Methods

JavaScript Functions
1. JavaScript Function Definition and Syntax
2. Functions with a Return Value
3. Calling a Function with Arguments
4. Assigning Values to Undeclared Variables

JavaScript Operators
1. Arithmetic Operators
2. Assignment Operators
3. Adding Strings and Numbers
4. Comparison Operators
5. Logical Operators
6. Conditional Operators

JavaScript Conditions
1. If Statements
2. The Switch Statement

JavaScript Loops
1. The FOR Loop
2. The FOR…IN Loop
3. The WHILE Loop
4. The DO…WHILE Loop

JavaScript Break and Continue
1. The Break Statement
2. The Continue Statement
3. JavaScript Labels

JavaScript Errors
1. The Try…Catch Statement
2. The Throw Statement

JavaScript Form Validation
1. Form Validation
2. E-Mail Validation

JavaScript RegExp Object
1. RegExp Definition and Modifiers
2. RegExp Special Characters
3. RegExp Methods

JavaScript Hoisting
1. Declarations
2. Initializations

JavaScript USE STRICT Directive
1. What is the USE STRICT Directive and Why Use It?
2. What’s Not Allows in STRICT Mode?

JavaScript HTML DOM
1. What is HTML DOM?
2. HTML DOM Methods and Properties
3. HTML DOM Document
4. Finding HTML Elements
5. Changing the Output Stream
6. Changing the Value of an Attribute
7. Changing CSS

1. Using Events
2. The ONCHANGE Event

HTML DOM Navigation
1. DOM Nodes
2. Node Relationships
3. Child Nodes and Values
4. NODE…Properties
5. HTML DOM Nodelist
6. Root Nodes

Adding and Removing DOM Nodes
1. Creating New HTML Elements (Nodes)
2. Removing Existing HTML Elements (Nodes)
3. Replacing HTML Elements (Nodes)

JavaScript Browser Object Model (BOM)
1. What is the Browser Object Model (BOM)?
2. The Window Object
3. Window Size Properties
4. Other Window Methods and Properties

Window Screen Object
1. What does the Window Screen Object Do?
2. Window Screen Object Properties.

Window Location Object
1. What does the Window Location Object Do?
2. Window Location HREF Property
3. Window Location PATHNAME Property
4. Window Location ASSIGN() Method

Window History Object
1. What does the Window History Object Do?
2. Window History Back and Forward Methods

Window Navigator Object
1. What does the Window Navigator Object Do?

JavaScript Popup Boxes
1. The Alert Box
2. The Confirm Box
3. The Prompt Box

JavaScript Timing Events
1. What are JavaScript Timing Events?
4. Creating a Clock

JavaScript Cookies
1. What are Cookies?
2. Working with Cookies

The JavaScript Console Object
1. The Console Object
2. Inline Grouping
3. Timers
4. String Substitution

Advanced JavaScript Objects
1. The Object Literal and the Keyword New
2. Using an Object Constructor
3. JavaScript Prototype
4. Mutable Objects and Immutable Primitive Values
5. JavaScript Object Properties
6. Adding New Properties and Deleting Properties

Number Object
1. What is a Number Object?
2. Hexadecimal Numbers
3. NaN – Not a Number
4. Infinity

String Object
1. Using the String Object
2. String Properties and Methods
3. Special Characters

Date Object
1. The Date Object
2. Set and Compare Dates
3. Convert the Date to a String

Array Object
1. Create and Access an Array Object
2. Joining Arrays
3. Working with Arrays

Math Object
1. The Math Object and Mathematical Constants
2. Math Object Methods

JavaScript Libraries (Frameworks)
1. JavaScript Libraries or Frameworks
2. Testing jQuery

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