Microsoft OneNote Manual

Microsoft OneNote Manual

Subject: Microsoft OneNote
Versions: 2016 through 2007
Level: Introductory through Advanced
Product Type: PDF Instruction Manuals
Pages: 122
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Topics Covered:

Getting Acquainted with OneNote
1. The OneNote Environment
2. The Title Bar
3. The Ribbon
4. The “File” Tab and Backstage View
5. The Quick Access Toolbar
6. The Scroll Bars
7. The Mini Toolbar

Getting Started
1. Opening, Saving and Closing Notebooks
2. Creating New Notebooks
3. Creating, Moving and Deleting Sections and Pages
4. Creating, Moving and Deleting Subpages

1. Creating a Basic Note
2. Quick Notes
3. Copying and Pasting Content
4. Screen Clippings
5. Adding Pictures
6. Adding Audio & Video Files
7. Inserting Online Video
8. Recording Audio & Video Files
9. Adding Other Types of Files
10. Embedding an Excel Spreadsheet
11. Adding Mathematical Equations
12. Quick Filing – Sending Information to OneNote

Formatting Notes
1. Basic Text Formatting
2. Bullets and Numbering
3. Checking Spelling
4. Setting Default Proofing Options

Working with Microsoft Outlook
1. Inserting Outlook Meetings
2. Sending Notebook Pages via Microsoft Outlook
3. Working with Microsoft Outlook Tasks

1. Creating a Table
2. Working with Columns and Rows
3. Formatting Tables and Table Data
4. Moving Tables and Table Data

Writing Tools
1. Pen Mode
2. Formatting Written Notes & Drawings
3. Adding and Removing Note Space
4. Converting Handwriting to Type

Viewing and Organizing Information
1. Organizing the OneNote Interface
2. Creating New Windows
3. Searching Content in a Notebook
4. Wiki Linking
5. Tagging Notes
6. Working with Sections
7. Section Groups

Stationery and Templates
1. Applying Templates and Stationery
2. Custom Templates
3. Choosing a Default Template

Formatting Pages
1. Defining Paper Size and Margins
2. Formatting Page Backgrounds
3. Adding a Background Graphic

1. Previewing and Printing

Sharing Notebooks & Collaborating
1. Saving and Exporting Notebooks to Share
2. Creating a Shared Notebook and Inviting Others to Share
3. Sharing Notes in an Outlook Meeting Invitation
4. Synching Notebooks
5. Sending Pages in Various Formats
6. Author Indicators
7. Finding Newly Added Content with Highlighting
8. Page Versions
9. The Notebook Recycle Bin

Researching with OneNote
1. Linked Notes
2. The Research Pane
3. Translating Text with the Mini Translator

Changing OneNote Options
1. Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar and Ribbon
2. Changing OneNote Options

Helping Yourself
1. Using OneNote Help

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