Microsoft Teams Manual

Microsoft Teams Manual

Subject: Microsoft Teams
Versions: Microsoft 365
Level: Introductory through Advanced
Product Type: PDF Instruction Manuals
Pages: 101
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Topics Covered:

Getting Acquainted with Teams
1. The Teams Environment
2. Viewing and Managing the Activity Feed
3. Customizing Settings
4. Setting Your Status and Creating Status Messages

Setting Up Teams and Channels
1. Overview of Teams and Channels
2. Creating Teams and Adding Members
3. Ordering, Editing, Hiding, and Deleting Teams
4. Managing Teams and Members
5. Creating Channels
6. Renaming, Deleting, Hiding, Showing, and Pinning Channels
7. Sending Email to an Entire Channel

Posts and Messages
1. Creating and Formatting Posts
2. Making an Announcement
3. Getting Attention with @Mentions
4. Posting to Multiple Channels at Once
5. Using Tags
6. Editing and Deleting Posts and Messages
7. Reading and Saving Posts and Messages

File Sharing and Collaboration
1. Uploading and Sharing Files
2. Syncing SharePoint and Teams Files with OneDrive
3. Collaborating on Files in Channels

Chats and Calls
1. Starting and Pinning Chats
2. Filtering, Hiding, and Muting Chats
3. Creating Contacts and Contact Groups
4. Adding People to Your Speed Dial List
5. Making Video and Audio Calls
6. Answering Calls and Using the Meeting Controls Toolbar
7. Configuring Call Answer Rules and Voicemail
8. Checking Call History and Voicemail
9. Setting Up a Delegate to Take Your Calls

1. Scheduling a Meeting and Inviting Attendees
2. Using Meet Now for Instant Meetings
3. Meeting Options
4. Managing and Replying to Meetings
5. Starting and Joining a Meeting
6. Changing the Video Background in a Meeting
7. Sharing Your Screen in a Meeting
8. Sharing PowerPoint Slides in a Meeting
9. Recording a Meeting
10. Raising Hands, Spotlighting, Muting, and Removing Participants
11. Taking Notes in a Meeting
12. Using Live Captions in Meetings
13. Ending a Meeting for Everyone in Attendance

Live Events
1. Scheduling a Live Event
2. Producing a Live Event
3. Moderating a Live Event Q&A
4. Attending a Live Event

Exploring Apps and Tools
1. Using Apps, Bots, and Connectors
2. Turning a File into a Tab
3. Using the Wiki Tab for Shared Information
4. Using the Command Box

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