SQL Manual

SQL Manual

Subject: SQL
Versions: Core SQL
Level: Introductory 
Product Type: PDF Instruction Manuals
Pages: 84
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Topics Covered:

Introduction to Databases and SQL
1. Overview of a Database
2. The “Flat-File” Method of Data Storage
3. The Relational Model of Data Storage
4. Tips for Creating a Relational Database
5. What is SQL?
6. Using SQL in Access 2013

Data Definition Language
1. The CREATE Statement
2. The CREATE DATABASE Statement
3. The CREATE TABLE Statement
4. The CREATE INDEX Statement
5. SQL Constraints
6. The DROP Statement
7. The ALTER TABLE Statement
8. NULL Values in SQL
9. Data Types in SQL
10. Auto-Increment in SQL

Data Manipulation Language
1. The INSERT Statement
2. The UPDATE Statement
3. The DELETE Statement
4. The SELECT Statement
5. The WHERE Clause
6. Criteria Notation and Wildcard Characters in the WHERE Clause
7. The ORDER BY Clause
8. The GROUP BY Clause and Aggregate Functions
9. The JOIN Clause
10. The UNION Operator
11. The SELECT INTO Statement
12. The INSERT INTO SELECT Statement
13. Subqueries

Data Control Language
1. The CREATE USER and CREATE ROLE Statements
2. Privileges
3. The GRANT Statement
4. The REVOKE Statement
5. The ALTER USER and ALTER ROLE Statements
6. The DROP USER and DROP ROLE Statements

Transaction Control Language
1. The TRANSACTION Statement

SQL Functions and Aliases
1. Understanding SQL Functions
2. Calculated Fields and Column Aliases
3. Table Aliases

1. About Views
2. The CREATE VIEW Statement
3. The ALTER VIEW Statement
4. The DROP VIEW Statement

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