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The Report Wizard in Access 2013

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The Report Wizard in Access 2013: Video

This video lesson shows you how to use the Report Wizard in Access 2013. To view the complete tutorial with video lessons, click here!

Using the Report Wizard in Access 2013: Overview

You use reports in Access 2013 to further calculate and then display the results from a query. You can also use them to calculate statistical results on tables or queries for summary reports. They are simply a more concise and certainly more “printer-friendly” way of presenting the data that you have calculated in your queries to anyone who needs to view this information. They use fields like forms do, and the report design view shares much in common with the form design view. However reports typically have a query as their data source, versus a table.

A simple way to create a basic report is to use the Report Wizard. You can start the Report Wizard by clicking “Report Wizard” button in the “Reports” group on the “Create” tab in the Ribbon. That will launch the “Report Wizard.” Once the Report Wizard is launched, it will lead you through a step-by-step program that prompts you to respond to the questions that it poses. You simply enter the answers and make your desired selections in each screen, and click the “Next >” button to proceed to the next screen. When you are done answering all of the questions on each screen in the wizard, click the “Finish” to create a basic report.