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Microsoft to Offer Windows 8.1 Machines to XP Users at a Discount

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For months now, Microsoft has been urging XP users to upgrade to newer versions of Windows in anticipation for April 8- the day support for XP ends. Users still running XP will have potential security issues and other bugs with their systems. Windows XP still holds around 30% of the desktop market- representing a huge number of users.

While Windows 8.1 hasn’t caught on as well as Microsoft had hoped, the company is using coupons to lure users into buying new machines that runs the new operating system. If a customer owns a PC with XP and upgrades at the Microsoft Store, they will receive $100 off, 90 days of free support, and a “free data transfer.” According to the Microsoft Store, this offer applies to any Surface Pro 2 or select PCs over$599. In order to redeem the offer, customers must make an online purchase with a Windows XP machine, or take an XP PC to a physical Microsoft Store.

While the $100 offer seems like a great savings, this may not be a good enough deal to sway all users. Business users represent a large amount of the 30% XP market. Expense and time are two of the biggest obstacles for business owners when upgrading. Some smaller businesses simply don’t have the time or resources to make the migration. Also, many businesses are rebelling against Windows 8 entirely claiming it is confusing and difficult to learn.

Meanwhile, time is winding down for XP support. Microsoft has continued to announce that “There will be no more security updates or technical support for the Windows XP operating system.”




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