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Microsoft Office for iPad Reaches 12 Million Downloads

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Last week, Microsoft announced the release on Office for iPad. Since then, more than 12 million people have downloaded the Office suite. The company announced the numbers in a tweet that read, “More than 12 million downloads of Word, Excel, PPT & OneNote for #iPad from the @AppStore <3 #OfficeforiPad.”

The apps are similar to normal Office products- just on the iPad. This suite includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. The apps are free to download. This means that a user can view a document or presentation with needing a paid subscription. However, the company does require a $10 monthly subscription to Office 365 before users can edit or create a document.

Microsoft’s hope is to turn these free acounts into paid ones in order to boost Office 365 subscriptions. The company has not announced how many of these downloads have turned into paid ones. This move by Microsoft seems to be their way of competing with free alternatives to Office such as Google Docs and Applie iWorks software. Will free accounts turn into paid ones? Only time will tell.

We’d love to hear from our fans and readers. Have you downloaded the Office Suite for iPad? Will you be purchasing Office 365 for your device? Let us know in the comments section!




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