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Set Up Show in PowerPoint 2013

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Set Up Show in PowerPoint 2013: Video

This video shows you how to use Set Up Show in PowerPoint 2013 to set a presentation’s delivery settings. Need more PowerPoint training? Click here to view the complete tutorial.

Setting Up a Slide Show in PowerPoint 2013: Overview

You can use the buttons available in the “Set Up” and “Monitors” button groups on the “Slide Show” tab in the Ribbon to set any additional parameters for the delivery of your presentation. To set the delivery options for your presentations, click the “Set Up Slide Show” button in the “Set Up” button group to open the “Set Up Show” dialog box.

Under the “Show type” section, you can tell PowerPoint what type of presentation you are going to make. In the “Show options” section, you can set additional presentation options. You can control how many slides will be in this presentation in the “Show Slides” section. However, the most important thing to remember is that if you wish to use automatic timing settings to advance your presentation, you must select that option here in the “Advance Slides” section.

In PowerPoint 2013, you can ensure that there is a checkmark in the “Use Presenter View” checkbox to enable presenter view when delivering a presentation. In Presenter View, you will see the notes for each slide while the audience sees only the Slide Show view. This is often used with two monitors, but that is no longer a requirement for using Presenter View in PowerPoint 2013. You can rehearse a presentation on a single monitor in Presenter View in PowerPoint 2013. To do this, simply start the Slide Show view of your presentation, right click, and select “Presenter View”. Then click the small “Options” button that looks like an ellipsis mark (…) in the lower left corner of the Slide Show view. You can then see and rehearse the presentation in the Presenter View. If you have multiple monitors enabled, you can flip the display of the Slide Show and the Presenter View if PowerPoint gets them reversed by clicking the “Display Settings” command at the top of the Presenter View and then selecting the “Swap Presenter View and Slide Show” command to reverse the display.

If using PowerPoint 2010:2007 and you want to set up the presentation to use the “Presenter View,” then you must set up an external monitor to your computer and extend your desktop to the second monitor. You can then select the “Presenter” view to display the presenter view on the main monitor while the audience sees the slide show view in the second monitor. If using PowerPoint 2007, you can also use the “Slide show resolution:” drop-down to select the size of the presentation that you want to display. Once you have the presentation set up as you like, click the “OK” button to save your changes.

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