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Microsoft to Bring Back the Start Menu and Button

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Yesterday at Microsoft’s Build conference, the company announced that the traditional Start Button and Start Menu will be returned to Windows 8.1 during its next update. Microsoft is also adding the ability to run Windows Store apps in their own Windows. These updates will be available in a future update to Windows 8.1-instead of the previously rumored Windows 9.

At the conference, Microsoft’s VP of operating systems showed a demo of the new software. The desktop screen was shown with Windows Store apps running in their own windows with a traditional Start Menu open. However, the Start Menu still contained tiles for Windows Store apps. This seems to be a compromise between the traditional Start Menu and the newer tile system Microsoft announced in Windows 8.

Microsoft hopes that this update will bridge the gap between mouse users and touch users- making the operating system friendlier for both. Users will receive this free update that will include a new taskbar that shows up in Modern Mode and a highly visible power button on the start screen.

Microsoft also announced that a future build of Windows 8.1 will be available for free for device makers. 

A major Windows 8.1 update is coming later this month, however these new changes will be part of a future update. Microsoft did not say when the update would be available or when the free version for system builders would launch. However, bringing the Start Menu back is a welcome change that many users have wanted since Windows 8 launched.

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