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Setting Up a Job in Peachtree Accounting

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Setting Up a Job in Peachtree Accounting: Video

This video lesson shows setting up a job in Peachtree Accounting. Need more training? Click here for the complete tutorial.

Setting Up a Job in Peachtree Accounting: Overview

In Peachtree, you can set up “Jobs” for each client. You can then track income and expenses for specific projects, including payroll hours or amounts. There are advantages to using jobs. You can purchase items specifically for a job. When you invoice the client, you can bill them for the purchased items You can also run several types of reports on jobs. While all Peachtree programs do include “Jobs,” the flexibility and additional features (like Job Costing) are only available in Peachtree Complete.

To set up a job in Peachtree Complete, select “Maintain| Job Costs| Jobs…” from the Menu Bar. In Peachtree First Accounting and Peachtree Accounting, select “Maintain| Jobs…” from the Menu Bar. From the “Maintain Jobs” window, you can set up the jobs for the customers. Let’s look at the fields on the different tabs in the window.

Enter a code for the job into the “Job ID:” field. Then enter in a description in the “Description:” field. On the “General” tab, enter the supervisor for the job into the “Supervisor:” field, if applicable. Select the ID of the customer for whom you are performing the job from the “For Customer:” field. If using Peachtree 2006 or later, enter the job address information into the fields available. Enter the start date for the job into the “Start Date:” field when you begin work. Enter the end date of the job into the “End Date:” field when you finish the job. Also enter the job type in the “Job Type:” field. Job types give you a way to classify jobs that you perform for reporting purposes. Enter the purchase order number from the customer for the job into the “PO Number:” field, if applicable. As you complete the job, you can return to this screen to indicate what percentage of the job is complete in the “% Complete:” field. Notice that there is also a button for beginning balances for the job. If using Peachtree 2008:2009, then also enter the custom field values. In Peachtree 2003-2007, click the “Custom Fields” tab, and then enter information into the fields that you selected to add to the jobs you perform when you set up the “Job Defaults.”

Click the “Estimated Exp./Rev.” tab to enter in the estimated expenses and revenues from this job. Click the “Save” button on the toolbar in this window when you are done.