Microsoft Teams Quick Reference Guide

Microsoft Teams Introductory Quick Reference Guide

Subject: Teams
Version: Microsoft 365
Level: Introductory
Topics Covered: 30
Pages: 2
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11″
Availability: Printed & Laminated or PDF Download
Price: $3.95     Quantity Discounts Available
ISBN: 978-1-958446-25-6

Product Description

Designed with the busy professional in mind, this two-page quick reference guide provides step-by-step instructions in Microsoft Teams. When you need an answer fast, you will find it right at your fingertips. Clear and easy-to-use, quick reference cards are perfect for individuals, businesses and as supplemental training materials. With 30 topics covered, this guide is ideal for someone new to Microsoft Teams.

Topics Covered:

Application Basics
Understanding Teams
Viewing the Activity Feed
Customizing Settings
The Command Box
Setting Status and Status Messages

Setting Up Teams and Channels
Creating Teams and Adding Members
Ordering, Hiding, and Deleting Teams
Managing Teams and Members
Creating Channels
Hiding/Showing and Pinning Channels
Renaming and Deleting Channels
Sending Email to an Entire Channel

Posts and Messages
Creating and Formatting Posts
Making an Announcement
Getting Attention with @Mentions
Posting to Multiple Channels at Once
Editing and Deleting Posts/Messages
Reading and Pinning Posts/Messages

File Sharing and Collaboration
Uploading and Sharing Files
Collaborating on Files in a Channel

Chats and Calls
Starting Chats
Filtering and Hiding Chats
Making Video and Audio Calls
Answering Calls and Voicemail

Scheduling Meetings
Using Meet Now for Instant Meetings
Managing and Replying to Meetings
Joining a Meeting
Screen Sharing in a Meeting or Call
Recording a Video Meeting or Call