Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts Quick Reference Guide

Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts Quick Reference Guide

  Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts Quick Reference Guide
Subject: Word
Versions:  PC/Windows
Shortcuts: 207
Pages: 2
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11″
Availability: Printed & Laminated or PDF Download
Price: $3.95     Quantity Discounts Available
ISBN: 978-1-958446-26-3

Product Description

Designed with the busy professional in mind, this 2-page quick reference guide provides 207 keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Word for PC/Windows.  When you need to find a shortcut, you will find it right at your fingertips with this Word Keyboard Shortcuts Quick Reference Guide. Clear and easy-to-use, quick reference cards are perfect for individuals, businesses and as supplemental training materials.

Shortcuts Included:

Adjust Zoom Magnification
Align text left/right
Apply bold formatting
Apply italic formatting
Apply underline formatting
Cancel command
Center text
Close document
Close Word
Copy selection
Create new document
Cut selected content
Decrease/Increase font size (1 point)
Find next spelling/grammatical error
Open document
Open Editor pane (Spelling/Grammar)
Open Help pane
Open Thesaurus pane
Paste selection
Print document
Redo action
Remove document window split
Save As dialog box
Save document
Select all document content
Split document window
Switch to next open document
Switch to previous open document
Undo action

Editing Text and Graphics
Copy header/footer (previous section)
Copy selection to new location
Copy selected formatting
Copy selection
Create new Building Block from selection
Cut selection
Delete one word to left
Delete one word to right
Display Object dialog box
Display Find/Replace dialog box
Insert Building Block
Insert SmartArt graphic
Insert WordArt graphic
Move selected content
Open Clipboard task pane
Paste selected formatting
Paste selection

Formatting Characters
Add bulleted list
Apply bold formatting
Apply double-underline formatting
Apply italic formatting
Apply small caps formatting
Apply subscript formatting
Apply superscript formatting
Apply underline formatting
Apply underline formatting (words only)
Change selected text to Symbol font
Change text to all upper case
Decrease/Increase font size (1 pt)
Decrease/Increase font size (2 pts)
Display Font dialog box
Display nonprinting characters
Display Reveal Formatting task pane
Hide selected text
Remove manual character formatting
Switch between upper/lower/title case

Formatting Paragraphs
Add/remove space before paragraph
Align paragraph to left
Align paragraph to right
Apply 1.5-line spacing to paragraph
Apply double spacing to paragraph
Apply single spacing to paragraph
Apply style: Heading 1 to 3
Apply style: Normal
Center paragraph
Create hanging indent
Display Apply Styles task pane
Display Styles task pane
Enable AutoFormat
Indent paragraph
Justify paragraph
Remove hanging indent
Remove paragraph formatting
Remove paragraph indent

Mail Merges
Edit mail merge data document
Go to next field
Go to previous field
Insert DATE field
Insert empty field
Insert LISTNUM field
Insert merge field
Insert PAGE field
Insert TIME field
Lock field
Merge document
Preview mail merge
Print merged document
Toggle all field codes and their results
Toggle single field code and its result
Unlink field
Unlock field
Update selected fields or links

Navigating Documents
Cycle through floating shapes
Cycle through four last change locations
Display Go To dialog box
Display Navigation task pane
Exit floating shape navigation
Move one paragraph down/up
Move one screen down/up
Move one word left/right
Move to beginning of current line
Move to beginning of document
Move to bottom of screen
Move to end of current line
Move to end of document
Move to previous revision location
Move to the top of previous page
Move to top of next page
Move to top of screen
Repeat last Find or Go To action

Outlining in Outline View
Collapse text under heading
Demote paragraph
Demote paragraph to body text
Expand text under heading
Expand/collapse all text/headings
Hide/display character formatting
Insert tab character
Move selected paragraphs down/up
Promote paragraph
Show all headings by Heading style
Switch between first line and all body text

References, Citations, Indexing
Choose citation options
Go to next footnote
Go to previous footnote
Insert endnote
Insert footnote
Mark index entry
Mark table of authorities entry (citation)
Mark table of contents entry

Reviewing Documents
Close Reviewing Pane
Insert comment
Turn change tracking on or off

Activate selected button
Expand or collapse Ribbon
Move among items on Ribbon
Move between command groupings
Move between Ribbon commands
Move to next command in menu
Move to Search field above Ribbon
Move to submenu of selected menu command
Open context menu
Open list for selected command
Open menu for selected button
Open the Design tab
Open the File menu (Backstage view)
Open the Home tab
Open the Insert tab
Open the Layout tab
Open the Mailings tab
Open the References tab
Open the Review tab
Open the View tab
Show tooltip for element in focus
Turn KeyTips on/off

Selecting Text and Graphics
Select all document content
Select text
Select to beginning of document
Select to beginning of line
Select to beginning of paragraph
Select to bottom of screen
Select to bottom of window
Select to end of document
Select to end of line
Select to end of paragraph
Select to top of screen
Select word to left/right

Selections: Extending a Selection
Expand selection
Reduce selection
Select nearest character to left or right
Select vertical block of text
Start extending selection
Stop extending selection

Special Characters
Insert column break
Insert copyright symbol (©)
Insert ellipsis (…)
Insert em dash (—)
Insert en dash (–)
Insert hyperlink
Insert line break
Insert nonbreaking hyphen
Insert nonbreaking space
Insert page break
Insert registered trademark symbol (®)
Insert trademark symbol (™)

Extend selection to adjacent cells
Insert new paragraph in cell
Insert tab character in cell
Move row data one row down/up
Move to first cell in column
Move to first cell in row
Move to last cell in column
Move to last cell in row
Move to next/previous row
Move to/select next cell in row
Move to/select previous cell in row
Select column
Select row
Select table