Microsoft Windows 10 Quick Reference Guide

Microsoft Windows 10 Introductory Quick Reference Guide

  Windows 10 Introductory Quick Reference Guide
Subject: Windows
Version: 10
Level: Introductory
Topics Covered: 66
Pages: 4
Dimensions: 11 x 17″ – Folded
Availability: Printed & Laminated or PDF Download
Price: $5.95     Quantity Discounts Available
ISBN: 978-1-941854-16-7

Product Description

Designed with the busy professional in mind, this 4-page quick reference guide provides step-by-step instructions in Windows 10. When you need an answer fast, you will find it right at your fingertips with this Microsoft Windows 10 Quick Reference Guide. Clear and easy-to-use, quick reference cards are perfect for individuals, businesses and as supplemental training materials. Includes touch gestures and keyboard shortcuts.

Topics Covered:

Windows Basics
Understanding the Taskbar
The Start Button
Starting Windows
Signing Out and Shutting Down

The Start Menu and Taskbar
Understanding the Start Menu
Accessing Power User Tools
Arranging and Resizing App Tiles
Renaming and Creating Tile Groups
Pinning App Tiles to the Start Menu
Resizing the Start Menu
Customizing the Start Menu
Pinning Apps to the Taskbar
Using Jump Lists in the Taskbar
Customizing the Taskbar
Using the Action Center
Customizing the Action Center

Working in Tablet Mode
Turning Tablet Mode On and Off
Using Tablet Mode
Customizing Tablet Mode

File Explorer: Folders and Files
Understanding File Explorer
Opening and Closing File Explorer
Understanding the Ribbon
Using the Ribbon
Using the Quick Access Toolbar
Viewing Folders and Files
Navigating File Explorer
Changing Folder Views
Customizing Quick Access View
Sorting Folders and Files
Opening a Second Explorer Window
Creating a New Folder
Selecting Folders and Files
Renaming Folders and Files
Deleting Folders and Files
Restoring Items & The Recycle Bin
Moving and Copying Folders and Files
Creating Shortcuts
Searching in File Explorer
Zipping and Unzipping
Using Libraries

Understanding Apps
Searching for Apps
Setting Up Cortana
Searching with Cortana
Starting Apps
Closing Apps
Minimizing Apps
Maximizing and Restoring Apps
Resizing Apps
Moving Apps
Opening App Files
Saving App Files
Switching Between Apps
App Snapping
Using Virtual Desktops

Using the Settings App
Using the Control Panel
Customizing the Desktop and Lock Screen Backgrounds
Managing Apps and Features
Setting Up Wi-Fi

Troubleshooting and Help
Shutting Down a Frozen App
Troubleshooting Print Jobs
Getting Help

Users and Sign-In Options
Adding Users
Switching Users
Configuring Sign-In

Keyboard Shortcuts
General Shortcuts
Windows Logo Key Shortcuts

Touch Actions
Using a Touch Interface