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With customers in over 180 different countries, the TeachUcomp, Inc. brand is trusted by individuals and the world’s top companies, universities, school districts and government agencies. Here’s what some of the thousands of loyal TeachUcomp, Inc. clients from every corner of the globe have to say.

Colleen KeckNew York, NY
I just wanted to say that for the past 10 to 12 years I have been trying to figure out Access. I have bought books, gone to classes, talked to IT people ~ you name it, I have done it. Although I have figured a lot out, until I bought your program, it all didn't make sense to me. I have been going through this program now for a week, and have learned more, in the correct order, than I ever learned before. Not only are the lessons simple to understand, but are in the order you should create your databases without all the technical garb you see in many Access manuals. I actually finally understand relationships. Kudos to all those who created this wonderful program. Your program is the BEST! I am a very happy customer.
Douglas Born, PHDUniversity of Minnesota
I recently purchased and just completed your Access tutorial. I want to commend you on the design, flexibility, and ease-of-use of the product. It is unquestionably one of the best tutorials I've seen - very easy to use and serviceable as a reference document in the months to come. Well done.
Tom NeillVisalia, CA
Photoshop has to be one of the most intimidating programs I've tried to use. I guess that's because of all of the options and creative possibilities provided by the program and all of the buttons and drop-down menus. It has boggled my mind for months. After buying several books (even some with CDs), my patience was really being tested. But when I found your program with the video lessons and accompanying PDF guide, I figured I might give it a try. I must say, if I'd discovered your product from the get-go, I'd have saved myself a lot of money, saved some trees and been an "expert" Photoshop guy by now. In short, I'd highly recommend anybody challenged by books to acquire your products.
Ryan CaminskySpring Valley, NY
After having my position at work eliminated, I have been trying to upgrade my skills by purchasing CD-ROM tutorials. I had been very unhappy with the software purchased because I felt there was not enough detail. I happened to purchase your QuickBooks tutorial and was very impressed with it. I then discovered the Employment Skills Power Suite on your website. I ordered it Friday and it arrived Monday (record time)! I started the Excel tutorial this morning, and let me tell you, you guys rock! It explains everything from start to finish in terms I can understand, so I am finally feeling that I am making some progress and actually learning something. I wish I had found this earlier. I would have saved me a lot of money. Thank you so much for creating this. I would recommend this to everybody.
Peter SurgessSimi Valley, CA
What a great product! When I started my own business, I was overwhelmed with the amount I had to learn - from QuickBooks to manage my books to knowing how to write a letter in Word. I just wanted to say thank you for creating such a great product. TeachUcomp makes it easy to learn. Just what our office needed!
Mark BradyLondon, England
I recently purchased Mastering Microsoft Office Made Easy. I was a bit skeptical at first, as I wasn't sure I was cut out for self-study. Was I ever wrong! TeachUcomp made it so easy to learn. The lessons are laid out in a logical order and presented in a clear, easy-to-understand manner. I love the manuals that accompany the video lessons. I've taken classes locally and spent much more, but I have never learned this much so fast! I would recommend your products to anyone.
Robert BentleyJacsonville, FL
I ordered and received the tutorials. WOW! I really love the way the e-books are written and the video lessons are exceptional. Probably the easiest learning tutorial I have ever purchased. Great job. I would recommend your products to anyone.
Tech News ReviewUnited Kingdom
We were highly impressed with the clarity of the instruction and the amount of material covered. The interface is extremely easy to use and allows the user to completely customize their training experience. This is a high-quality product and earns four stars.
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