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Using Tab Stops in Word: Overview             This tutorial examines creating and using tab stops in Word documents. Using tab stops in Word helps you create organized lists in Word documents. For example, suppose you had to create a document that lists the names of people in your company. Assume you also need to show

Set Deadlines for Tasks in Project: Overview             You can easily set deadlines for tasks in Project. Many new Microsoft Project users accidentally make the mistake of using too many semi-flexible and inflexible task constraints. This often comes from the urge to set “Must Finish On” constraints or actual “Finish” dates when creating their tasks.

Format Page Backgrounds in OneNote: Overview             You can format page backgrounds in OneNote to add visual interest and stay better organized. To change the settings of a selected page’s background, first click the “View” tab in the Ribbon. To change the background color, click the “Page Color” drop-down in the “Page Setup” button group.

Custom Font Schemes in Publisher: Overview             You can create custom font schemes in Publisher to use within your publications. To create custom font schemes in Publisher, click the “Fonts” drop-down button in the “Schemes” button group on the “Page Design” tab in the Ribbon. Then select the “Create New Font

Add Text to Slides in PowerPoint: Overview             This tutorial shows you how to add text to slides in PowerPoint. You can add text to slides in PowerPoint using placeholders, text boxes, or shapes. When creating presentations, you often enter text into the text and title placeholders that are part of the slide layout. However,

Create a Note in OneNote: Overview             This lesson shows you how to create a note in OneNote. You can create a note in OneNote to store virtually any type of electronic information in a notebook This includes text, graphics, photos, web pages, audio clips, video clips, Excel spreadsheets and hyperlinks.             When you insert

Create a Custom Page Background in Publisher: Overview             You can create a custom page background in Publisher using the “Fill Effect” formatting also applied to shapes and pictures. To display the available default page background choices, click the “Page Design” tab in the Ribbon. Then click the “Background” button in the “Page Background” button

Slide Layouts in PowerPoint: Overview             Slide layouts in PowerPoint determine which placeholders appear in a slide and where they are placed. If you are not happy with the layout of the placeholders in your slide, you can apply a new slide layout. When you apply a new slide layout, you determine which placeholders appear