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TeachUcomp, Inc. is Included in the National Registry of CPE Sponsors             TeachUcomp, Inc. now offers NASBA approved CPE courses. We are a sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. Therefore, all 50 states now accept our NASBA approved CPE courses for CPE credit. This also includes many inhabited U.S.

IRS Fast Track Mediation: Overview Fast Track Mediation: Who Qualifies for Fast Track Mediation?             This lesson examines the IRS fast track mediation services that may be available to a taxpayer during an audit. The Internal Revenue Service offers fast track mediation services to assist taxpayers in resolving many different types

The Scorecard in QuickBooks Online: Overview             The Scorecard in QuickBooks Online is one of the two graphs available. The Scorecard in QuickBooks Online will compare your business to other businesses in similar industries. This is helpful if you are new to your industry or simply are curious as to how your business is doing

The Behavioral Interview: Overview             This lesson will discuss the behavioral interview. These days, most job interviews are conducted as behavioral interviews. In the behavioral interview, the interviewer asks questions which are based on discovering how a person reacted to a situation in the past. The theory behind the behavioral interview is that past behavior

Page Setup in Word- Tutorial

Thursday, 19 November 2015 by

Page Setup in Word: Overview             Page Setup in Word lets you change the structure and layout of pages in a Microsoft Word document. The “Page Setup” group on the “Page Layout” tab of the Ribbon contains buttons that let you make changes to the page setup of the document. In addition to these buttons,