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Remove Hidden Data in Acrobat XI: Overview             You can remove hidden data in Acrobat XI Pro. To remove hidden data in Acrobat XI, first open a PDF. Then expand the Protection panel in the Tools pane. Select the “Remove Hidden Information” tool to open the “Remove Hidden Information” panel within the Navigation pane. Acrobat

Insert Pages into a PDF in Acrobat: Overview             You can insert pages into a PDF in Acrobat from files and other sources. It is possible to insert pages into a PDF in Acrobat from another PDF file. You can also insert pages into a PDF in Acrobat from content copied to the clipboard. You can

Respond to a Form Using Acrobat: Overview             To respond to a form using Acrobat, either click the link within the email message or open the form attachment within the email. You may need to save the attachment to your computer first, depending on the email client you use. Once you open the attachment in Acrobat

Color Management in Acrobat XI Pro: Overview             You can use color management in Acrobat XI Pro to help achieve color consistency throughout your work process. A color profile describes the characteristics of a device, like a computer monitor or a printer. Color management in Acrobat XI Pro maps the colors possible for a device.

Create a Standards-Compliant PDF in Acrobat XI Pro: Overview             You can create a standards-compliant PDF in Acrobat XI Pro. This is most commonly done when a document needs to comply with ISO 32000 standards. Depending on how the PDF will be used, compliance standards vary. You can save a document as a PDF/A, PDF/E,

Change Page Numbers in Acrobat XI: Overview             By default, Acrobat automatically applies Arabic numerals to pages in a PDF document, with the first page of the document as page 1. You can change page numbers in Acrobat XI within a PDF. For example, you can omit numbering from a title page and start page

Create a PDF from a Scanner: Overview             If you have a scanner connected to your computer, you can easily create a PDF from a scanner within the Acrobat application. To do this, place a paper document on your scanner bed and then select “File| Create| PDF from Scanner” from the Menu Bar in Acrobat

Select and Copy Text and Graphics in Acrobat: Overview             You can easily select and copy text and graphics in Acrobat, which you can then paste into other software applications or use to create other PDF files. When you first open a PDF, notice that the Selection tool is Acrobat’s default tool and that it