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Buy Photoshop Elements 2018 Quick Reference Cards at TeachUcomp, Inc.             You can buy Photoshop Elements 2018 quick reference cards with our “Photoshop Elements 2018 Introduction Quick Reference Guide” cheat sheet. Our Photoshop Elements 2018 quick reference card helps both creative professionals and novice users. These cheats sheets are terrific for people who just need tips

Standalone Macros in Access: Overview             Standalone macros in Access are programs you create in a visual environment. In Access, standalone macros run a series of actions in a specified order. Unlike embedded macros, standalone macros in Access appear as separate objects under the “Macros” category in the database’s Navigation Pane.             Standalone macros in

You Can Buy PowerPoint Quick Reference Cards at TeachUcomp, Inc, with Our New Product Release, “Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Introductory Quick Reference Guide!”             You can now buy PowerPoint Quick Reference Cards with the new Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 cheat sheet: “Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Introductory Quick Reference Guide.” This PowerPoint Quick Reference Card is perfect for both

Action Buttons in PowerPoint: Overview             You can add action buttons in PowerPoint to presentation slides. Action buttons in PowerPoint let users navigate a presentation by themselves. They also let users click a button to open a linked file or web page.             To insert action buttons into a slide, click the “Insert” tab in

Create Group Names in Access 2007 Macros: Overview             You can create group names in Access 2007 macros to make a single macro that contains multiple, separate sections of actions that you can name and reference, individually. This can have many advantages in simplifying the number of macros contained in your database and how you

Link Actions to Bookmarks in Acrobat XI: Overview             You can link actions to bookmarks in Acrobat XI. This can be helpful if you want to make it easy for a viewer to access an outside website, search a PDF, or perform any number of different menu actions from within the Bookmarks panel.             To

Use an Action in Acrobat XI Pro: Overview             Using Acrobat XI Pro, you can automate multistep tasks using actions. An action is a collection of steps that can be performed automatically by Acrobat to save time and streamline workflow. When you use an action in Acrobat, some steps in the action can be completed