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Create a Meeting in Outlook on the Web: Overview             You can create a meeting in Outlook on the Web within the Calendar App. A meeting is simply an appointment that other people are invited to attend. You can create a meeting in Outlook on the Web and invite attendees by sending them a meeting

Share a Web Page in Microsoft Edge: Overview             You can share a web page in Microsoft Edge by using one of the apps installed on your device. To do this, click the “Share” button at the right end of the command bar. This then opens a “Share” pane at the right side of the

Virtual Desktops in Windows 10: Overview             You can use virtual desktops in Windows 10 to assist you in organizing apps and creating easily accessible app workspaces. To create multiple, virtual desktops, first open the apps you want to include in the first desktop. Then click the “Task view” button in the taskbar and click

Print Web Pages in Internet Explorer 11: Overview             You can print web pages in Internet Explorer 11. However, the process differs between the app and desktop versions of Internet Explorer 11. You may also have some options when printing web pages in Internet Explorer 11 that you do not normally have when printing from

Microsoft Reveals Preview of New Office Sway App             On October 1st, 2014, Microsoft unveiled a preview of its new Office app, named “Sway,” to the general public. This is the first time Microsoft has added a new Office application in the last decade. The new Office Sway app is a hybrid application that helps

Touch Gestures in Windows 8.1

Wednesday, 08 January 2014 by

Touch Gestures in Windows 8.1 In Windows 8.1, many of the actions for which you previously would use a mouse can now be performed by using gestures on a touch screen for computing devices that support this behavior. In this post, we will examine the various gestures that are available in Windows 8.1 for touch

The Windows 8.1 preview has been out for over a week now. One of the bigger changes in this version is the return of the Start button. However, most of the exciting newer features in this version are meant for touchscreen devices. As Microsoft moves forward, it seems as though the traditional Desktop PC is

On Friday June 14, 2013, Microsoft announced that a version of Microsoft Office is now available as a free app for IPhones. The app is free to download, however customers must have Office 365 in order to use the different software applications that come with it.             What’s New? Users