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Categorize Items in Outlook on the Web: Overview             You can categorize items in Outlook on the Web in the Mail, Calendar, or Tasks folders. To do this, right-click the item and choose “Categorize” from the list. You then choose one of the listed categories to assign the item to that category. The category selected

Portfolio Categories in WordPress: Overview             You can create portfolio categories in WordPress for your portfolios, just as you can create categories for your posts. Portfolio categories in WordPress are separate from post categories, however. To create a portfolio category, click the “Portfolio Items” button in the Navigation Bar within the Admin Panel. Then click

Manage Categories in Outlook Web App: Overview             The Outlook Web App contains some default categories, labeled with the name of a color, that allow you to label your Mail, Calendar and Task items. You can manage categories in Outlook Web App to create new categories and edit existing categories by right-clicking an item and

Creating Mailbox Rules A mailbox rule simply states that whenever items arrive into a mailbox that meet a specified criteria they should then be processed by whatever the rule dictates should happen when an item of that type is received. You can have multiple rules applied to a single mailbox. The rules will be acted