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Merge and Split Table Cells in Publisher: Overview             After adding a table to a publication, you can merge and split table cells in Publisher to control its layout. You can merge multiple selected cells together into one larger cell. You can also split a single, selected cell into multiple, smaller cells. This is often

Format Tables in Word: Overview             You can format tables in Word to clarify the data and also enhance the appearance of the information. Word has many pre-created table formats you can apply to your tables. In addition to these table styles, you can also select individual elements of the table and then apply your

Goal Seek in Excel: Overview             You can use Goal Seek in Excel when you know the result you want a formula to return, but do not know the value needed to create the desired result. Anytime you have a situation where you know the result that you need to obtain, but are unsure of

View Formulas in a Table in Word: Overview             You can view formulas in a table in Word easily. If you create a large table in Word that contains many formulas, you may have difficulty remembering which cells contain formulas and which cells contain ordinary numeric entries. To view formulas in a table in Word,

In Excel, you can format cells to add a professional appearance to your data. This can be a useful tool for reports or for organizing information to make it easier to read. In this post, we will show you how to format cells in Microsoft Excel 2010.   Formatting Cells Note that in the “Home”

You can paste links between cells within Excel, so that the value of a cell within a workbook will simply be the value of another selected cell. For example, if you had a cell that added the cells above it within one worksheet and you wanted to paste a link to that cell into a