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Change Templates in Publisher: Overview             You can change templates in Publisher to switch a publication’s layout and page design. The ability to change templates in Publisher helps when starting from a blank page design. It lets you change the blank page template to a selected type of publication template, before adding text and pictures.

Use Page Borders in Word: Overview             You use page borders in Word to apply a page border to a document. To use page borders in Word, click the “Design” tab in the Ribbon. In the “Page Background” button group at the right end of the tab, click the “Page Borders” button. Doing that then

Timeline Options in Excel: Overview             This lesson shows you how to set timeline options in Excel. After inserting a timeline, an “Options” tab within a new “Timeline Tools” contextual tab then appears in the Ribbon. This tab appears within the Ribbon any time you have the timeline selected within the worksheet. You use the

Slide Layouts in PowerPoint: Overview             Slide layouts in PowerPoint determine which placeholders appear in a slide and where they are placed. If you are not happy with the layout of the placeholders in your slide, you can apply a new slide layout. When you apply a new slide layout, you determine which placeholders appear