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Bounced Checks in QuickBooks Pro: Overview             There is an easy way to handle bounced checks in QuickBooks Pro you receive from customers as invoice payments. This method also works to handle bounced checks in QuickBooks received as payments in sales receipts. This feature marks the previously paid invoice or sales receipt as “Unpaid” and

Write Checks in Sage 50: Overview             The “Write Checks” window lets you quickly write checks in Sage 50 and then apply the amount to one or more accounts. If the payment you are making doesn’t involve invoices or inventory items, then this is simply the easiest payment method to use. To access this window

How to Void a Check in QuickBooks: Overview             You can void a check in QuickBooks that you have created, if necessary. To void a check, open the check you would like to void and display it in the “Write Checks” window. Then select “Edit| Void Check” from the Menu Bar to void the check