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Link Contacts in Outlook on the Web: Overview             It is easy to link contacts in Outlook on the Web. Outlook on the Web automatically finds and “links” similar contact information into a single view within a person’s contact card.             To view a contact card, click a person’s name within your contacts list. In

Manage Contacts in Outlook: Overview             This lesson shows you how to manage contacts in Outlook. The first activity you must learn to manage contacts in Outlook is how to select contacts. To select a single contact when viewing the Contacts folder, click the contact’s entry in the Contacts folder. The entry is then highlighted

Print Contacts in Outlook: Overview             You can print contacts in Outlook to create a hard copy of your contact list. You can choose to print only selected contacts or the entire Contacts folder. If you want to print only specific contacts, you will need to select the contacts to print by selecting them within

Create a New Contact in Office 365: Overview             To create a new contact in Office 365 from the “People” App, click the App Launcher in the Nav Bar. Click the People icon to open your contact list.             To create a new contact in Office 365, click the “+ New” link below the App

Create a Contact from Email in Outlook Web App: Overview             When you receive an email from someone not yet in your contact list, you can easily add the person to your contact list. To create a contact from email in Outlook Web App, display the message in the Reading pane of the Outlook Web

The Contacts Folder A contact is someone important to your business or personal life that you want to keep in contact with using Outlook. The “Contacts” folder in Outlook is basically the same as an electronic Rolodex, or address book. You use it to keep information about your business and personal contacts. It helps store