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Create Cost Resources in Project: Overview             You can create cost resources in Project. Cost resources are different from work and material resources. Cost resources represent costs commonly incurred to complete various tasks within a project that are not directly tied to the amount of work performed or materials used.             For example, if you

View Project Costs in Microsoft Project: Overview             This lesson shows you how to view project costs in Microsoft Project. Monitoring project costs is a very important aspect of many projects. You can see much of the cost data you need to monitor in the “Cost” table of your project file. You can switch the

At TeachUcomp, we offer CPE courses which qualify for CPE credits for CPAs and Enrolled Agents. These courses can be great for satisfying CPE requirements, or just for reminders about changing regulations. These courses are also valuable for anyone who wants to learn more about tax code. In this post, we will discuss cost as basis

Cost behavior analysis is the study of how certain costs behave in a business. Understanding cost behavior is crucial for managers so they can control costs effectively. In this post, we will give a brief overview of cost behavior and the different types of costs a manager can analyze. More information can be found on