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The Status Bar in Publisher: Overview             The Status Bar in Publisher appears at the bottom of the application window. It is the long, thin, horizontal bar. Objects like the “Zoom slider” and the “Page Layout View” buttons appear within the Status Bar in Publisher. You can also see various statuses monitored within Publisher here. These

Master Pages in Publisher: Overview             Master pages in Publisher let you change the default appearance of pages in a publication. The master pages in Publisher contain the default objects and content you want to apply as a page layout to a publication page. Pages you add to a publication receive their default formatting from the master

The Scorecard in QuickBooks Online: Overview             The Scorecard in QuickBooks Online is one of the two graphs available. The Scorecard in QuickBooks Online will compare your business to other businesses in similar industries. This is helpful if you are new to your industry or simply are curious as to how your business is doing