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Create a Navigation Form in Access: Overview             You have the ability to quickly and easily create a Navigation form in Access. A navigation form performs the same function as a switchboard form does within your database. A navigation form contains buttons you click to open other database objects, like reports and forms.             To

Set a Password on an Access Database: Overview             You can set a password on an Access database to prevent unauthorized access to the database file. To set a password on an Access database, you must first open the database using the “Open Exclusive” command. To do this, open Access and then click the “File”

Standalone Macros in Access: Overview             Standalone macros in Access are programs you create in a visual environment. In Access, standalone macros run a series of actions in a specified order. Unlike embedded macros, standalone macros in Access appear as separate objects under the “Macros” category in the database’s Navigation Pane.             Standalone macros in

Create Input Masks in Access: Overview             You can create input masks in Access to dictate a pattern used for data entry in selected fields. Access provides an easy step-by-step routine called the “Input Mask Wizard” to do this. The “Input Mask Wizard” helps you apply input masks to selected “text” and “date/time” fields.            

How to Create Tables in Access: Overview             This lesson shows you how to create tables in Access. A table is an organized structure that holds information. It consists of “fields” of information into which you enter the “records” of the table. A field is a single column within a table, consisting of one category

Export Data from Access – Tutorial

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Export Data from Access: Overview             You can easily export data from Access to a wide variety of formats that are available. You can also export other database objects, like forms and reports. However, there are more limitations on the formats to which you can export these types of objects.             To export data from

              The SQL training “Mastering Introductory SQL Made Easy™ v.1.0” discusses SQL in Access 2013. Access 2013 is a RDBMS that creates self-contained databases and provides visual tools to allow users to make relational databases without the need for SQL. As such, there are few places to use SQL in Access.

Need more Access training? Click here for the complete tutorial!                 Setting Field Properties You can set the properties of the table fields that you create in the design view of the table. When you open tables in design view, you name the fields and assign them a