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Change the View of a Folder in Windows 10: Overview             You can easily change the view of a folder in Windows 10. This lets you change the display of files and folders in the right pane of the File Explorer window. The view you choose is just a matter of personal preference. “Extra large

Create Folder Shortcuts in Outlook: Overview             You can create folder shortcuts in Outlook in the “Shortcuts” group on the Navigation Bar. To create folder shortcuts in Outlook, first click the “Shortcuts” button in the Navigation Bar. Then right-click the actual word “Shortcuts” shown within the Folder Pane.             Doing this then displays a popup

OneDrive Folders in File Explorer in Windows 10: Overview             If you are signed in with a Microsoft account and have enabled OneDrive, you will see your OneDrive folders in File Explorer in Windows 10 appear in the Navigation pane at the left side of the File Explorer window. This makes accessing your OneDrive files,

Quick Access in Windows 10: Overview             Quick access in Windows 10 is a new view for the File Explorer window. The “Quick access” view, shown at the top of the Navigation pane, is the new default view of File Explorer when it is initially opened. For users who are upgrading from Windows 8.1 or