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Reveal Formatting in Word: Overview             When working with styles in Word, you may need to reveal formatting in Word document text. The “Reveal Formatting” pane lets you reveal formatting in Word documents. To open the “Reveal Formatting” pane, first select the text for which you want to see the formatting.             At that point,

Custom Font Schemes in Publisher: Overview             You can create custom font schemes in Publisher to use within your publications. To create custom font schemes in Publisher, click the “Fonts” drop-down button in the “Schemes” button group on the “Page Design” tab in the Ribbon. Then select the “Create New Font

As with all software releases, Windows 8.1 comes with a few bugs. One that has been annoying many people since updating to 8.1 is the display settings. Users have been describing bold, blurry (fuzzy) and hard-to-read fonts in several applications. Microsoft added a new option to apply one scaling level for all connected displays within

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