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Printing in OneNote: Overview             You have a couple of different options for printing in OneNote. One option is to print notebook page content directly, without previewing it. To do this, select a page or page group and click the “File” tab in the Ribbon. Doing this then opens the Backstage View. Then click “Print”

Master Pages in Publisher: Overview             Master pages in Publisher let you change the default appearance of pages in a publication. The master pages in Publisher contain the default objects and content you want to apply as a page layout to a publication page. Pages you add to a publication receive their default formatting from the master

How to Number Pages in Word

Wednesday, 23 July 2014 by

How to Number Pages in Word: Overview             This tutorial will show you how to number pages in Word. In Word, you add page numbers to pages by inserting a “page number” field into either the header or footer of the document. This lesson will show you how to number pages in Word by accessing

For the complete tutorial, click here.             The Document View Buttons In order to gain access to the header area in Microsoft Word, you will first need to locate the document view buttons.  The document view buttons are a group of buttons located in the lower right corner of the application.